Workout Music Playlist Essentials

When it comes to working out, many people turn to music playlists to help ease the monotony and provide motivation. Studies have shown that the music played during a workout can actually change the result of the workout and overall performance as well. With this in mind, knowing what to watch out for when making a workout music playlist and what to include can help improve your results. When looking to make a good workout music playlist, here are a few guideline to narrow down your selection.

best Workout Music Playlist

Creating A Workout Music Playlist

  • Avoid slow music

  • Choose music you enjoy

  • Attempt to match the pace of your music to the stages of your workout

  • Choose enough music to last the duration of your workout

good workout music playlist

One of the most important aspects of creating the best workout music playlist is creating a playlist that matches the pace of your workout. Studies have shown that music with a higher beat-per-minute rating actually increases workout power, cadence and efficiency. Worst of all, music with slower beat-per-minute ratings can actually reduce your overall performance without you even realizing it! So how do you figure out the BPM rating of your favorite tracks and create a workout music playist? While you could go up in the attic and dust of grandma’s trusty metronome from your piano lessons as a youth, the easier option is using your computer.

best workout music playlist

There is a variety of software available to not only measure the BPM of your music, but arrange playlists as well. One of the best free utilities for this BeatScanner. Using this program, finding the BPM of your music takes seconds. You can then write the information into the music file so you can sort your music using your favorite music playing software, such as iTunes or WinAmp.

Now that you have the complicated part out of the way, all that is stands between you and the best workout music playlist the world has seen is simply choosing your songs.

Picking The Songs For Your Workout Music Playlist

  • Most top workout music playlist collections feature songs with BPM ratings between 120 and 140.

top workout music playlist

  • When choosing your songs, include faster paced songs during hill climbs or towards the end of your workout to boost yourself during intense segments or for the final push.

  • If you have rest periods during your workout, consider adding slower tracks during these times on your workout music playlist. After all, sometimes the short breaks in your workout are just as important and the high-intensity segments.

For optimal workout efficiency, consider making several playlists to match the activity. While some tracks might be great for running or jogging, they might not suit weight training or yoga. Of course, most of these preferences are up to you. Once you have created a workout music playlist that you are happy with, monitor the performance of your next workout. You might just be surprised the difference a proper playlist can make. Take your results and tweak your playlist a few times. Before long you will have the best workout music playlist for your needs and be on the road to a better, healthier lifestyle.