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Best Espresso Machine for the Finest Brew

Do you love espresso or specialty coffee drinks but hate how much they cost? Are you looking to cut down your morning commute? Make your own espresso or espresso drinks at home by finding the best espresso machine on the market. You’ll never again have to wait on a long line at a cafe when you’re already running late for work.

best espresso machine for the finest brew

Types of Espresso Machines

The best espresso machine for you will depend on your coffee preferences and your lifestyle. There are two main types of espresso machines:

1.)    Steam-driven Espresso Machines:

These machines actually make super strong coffee, not espresso. If you want bona fide espresso, don’t get a steam-driven machine. However, if you like the taste of espresso but prefer something a tad less bitter, steam-driven may be the way to go.

2.)    Pump-driven Espresso Machines:

These espresso machines make actual espresso. The two types of pump-driven machines are semi-automatic and super automatic machines.

Manual espresso machines are a bit more rare than automatic machines and they’re intended for the coffee and espresso enthusiast. If you want complete control over your espresso and how it pours into your cub, opt for a manual machine.

best home espresso machine for the delicious brew

Shopping Tips

What to Look For

  • Replaceable parts and a warranty
  • User-friendly with self-explanatory buttons
  • Quick heat up time
  • Adjustable spouts for multiple coffee cup sizes
  • Easy to clean regularly
  • Safe, sturdy design

worlds finest automatic espresso machine for the best brew

More Considerations

Learn the basic ins and outs of shopping for the best espresso machine to make the right choice.

First-time espresso machine owners should find the best automatic espresso machine to make preparing coffee drinks a cinch. It’ll pour the perfect espresso shot every time you use it. If you love frothy cappuccinos, consider purchasing a super automatic espresso machine.

top rated automatic espresso machine

Read the best espresso machine reviews to find out what people are saying about the machines you have your eye on. Every brand of machines, including a Krups espresso machine, will have reviews to read online. Don’t assume that even the best espresso machine is out of your budget. You can find the best home espresso machine for under $100. Steam-driven espresso machines can be found for under $50. If you hate to travel without your morning cup of brew, invest in a travel espresso maker. This is the perfect option for campers because you don’t need electricity to operate this machine.