Basic Features Of Fitness Gyms

Fitness gymsoffer several workout options for the members. All these workouts refer to specific targets of losing weight and shaping the body muscles, more specifically biceps, triceps, chest, abs and several others. Fitness gyms house several types of exercising equipments to help losing weight and muscular shaping easier and systematic. Here you’ll explore about some cheap fitness gyms types of equipment as well as the more costly gym equipment types.

The Best Fitness Gyms Features

Fitness gyms present with three major types of fitness equipment. These can be classified into: Free weights, machineries and accessories. Free weights are simple accessories, the force of gravity and weight is used for stretching and toning the muscles in different parts of the body.

There are different types of machines for specific purposes. These machines are expensive and require regular maintenance and the accessories are miscellaneous, cheaper, and relatively smaller and require less maintenance. Explore more about these types of gym equipment under different categories and the best possible way to utilize and maintain them.

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Free Weights

This category refers to simple exercise accessories that feature heavy weights. Some popular types under this category can be listed as: 

  • Barbells

These are weightlifting instruments with specific design of two weights hanging on opposite side of a metallic rod. There are several methods in using them to get the target exercise.

  • Dumbbells

These are smaller yet heavy free weights mostly lifted with just one hand. These types of equipment focus mostly on biceps and triceps shaping and toning.

  • Weight Plates

These plates are used for adding extra weight to the barbells and dumbbells. These plates are usually made of iron or steel.

  • Others Types

Other types of fitness equipment falling under this category are: Triceps bar, EZ curl bars, benches, arm blasters, dipping bar, chin up bars, stability balls and many others.

You can start your own home fitness gyms with just these free weights to start with.


There are several machines used in the fitness gyms. All of these machines feature specific purposes. Some of them are so precise that they can motivate specific group of muscles in body. Some popular machines used in gym can be listed as:

  • Leg press machines

  • Hack squat machines

  • Leg extension machines

  • Leg curl machines

  • Calf machines

  • Leg-pull machines

  • Leg abduction machines

  • Peck deck machines


The accessories cover a wide range of exercising instruments. These are mostly supportive and concerned with user-safety issues. Some popular and most important fitness accessories are:

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  • Gloves

  • Wraps

  • Weightlifting-belts

  • Wrist-straps

  • Head harnesses

Some known organizations such as Washington Sports Club provide gym facilities to their members. In most places across the nation, there are number of standard fitness gyms providing membership options for the residents. If you’re willing to get a perfect-figure, loss weight in a scientific way and tone/shape the muscles, attending a gym regularly can help you in this regard significantly.