Depilatory Creams – Painless and Easy Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory cream is a widely known product for taking out unwanted hair in a unique method wherein it doesn’t need a sharp edge like a blade. It is effective, convenient and inexpensive to use at home and removes hair painlessly, which is unlike other hair removal methods. Depilatory cream products are somewhere in between waxing and shaving. They go a bit deeper than shaving when removing hair but not as deep as waxing. However, there are no resulting stubbles and the entire process is painless.

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What is a Depilatory Cream?

A depilatory cream is a formulation of chemicals that are mildly caustic and contain calcium thioglycolate and sodium. Although it may come as a shock to many people, the cream was actually patented in the thirties, and was originally intended for removing hair from cow hides. However, they are safe and gentle enough for home use so you do not have to be a hairy cattle to use them.

When you apply the cream to the skin, it dissolves the keratin in the hair shaft, which makes the hair removal result much smoother. Depilatory cream for facial hair is quite unpleasant to the nose but this would be a small drawback compared to the quick and easy way it cleans large areas of your face. In addition, you will also stay hair free longer than mere shaving.

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Why Use Depilatory Cream?

  • Compared to other creams, the best depilatory cream products can remove unwanted hair fast so if you are in a hurry, depilatory creams are simple and convenient solution.

  • The cream is easy to apply and works by taking out hair immediately below the surface of the skin.

  • Depilatory cream is cheaper so it is worth trying out a few brands, as well as some generic products which are sold in various drugstores. Bear in mind though that what is effective for another person may not be as effective for you. Each person is different and we all react differently to cosmetic products.

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A Note of Warning

The chemicals that are contained in depilatory creams to burn off hair can also irritate your skin. Thus, if you are sensitive to the product, you should look for another way to remove unwanted hair. In addition, depilatory creams must not be used in the areas around the eyes.

Other Essential Information

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The good news is that although depilatory creams contain seemingly harsh chemicals, there are various formulations on the market that you can use for sensitive skin on the face and other areas of the body. Thus, if you are a woman and you intend to use the cream in removing hair from your bikini line, there are specialist depilatory cream brands in the market that you can use such as those from Veet and Revitol.

As always, your safety should always come first when using any product, especially those that are applied on the skin, so always follow the instructions written on the packaging carefully. Consult a dermatologist if possible.