Tips on How To Choose the Best Hair Conditioner

In this article, you can find some helpful tips on how to choose the best hair conditioner. It could be that you are looking for a product that will make your hair soft and silky or maybe you are just fed up with the results that you have been getting from your regular conditioners. Regardless of your reason, it is time to learn how to find the best conditioner for your hair type. Continue reading to find more.

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How To Choose the Best Hair Conditioner

  1. When you are choosing hair conditioners, the first thing that you should do is look at the ingredients. At present, organic products are becoming really popular and they are much better for your hair health. Conditioners with natural or organic ingredients will be the best alternative if you want to avoid synthetic substances that could damage your hair.
  2. You should always look for conditioners with moisturizing ingredients. The best conditioner will be made to provide the hair strands with a light coating that will trap the moisture inside. If you are using these conditioners, it will be easier to keep your hair soft and manageable while preventing split ends.
  3. It is best to choose a hair conditioner not just to maintain a healthy hair, but one that you can afford to buy for proper grooming. Contrary to what most people believe, you can find conditioners with natural ingredients or even the homemade solutions which are just as effective as the expensive brands.

To help you understand more about natural ingredients and homemade conditioners, two easy recipes will be highlighted below. You can use any of these recipes if you are looking for a conditioner that will help to add sheen and repair your dry hair.

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Tips to make the best conditioner for dry hair

Recipe 1: Honey with Oils Conditioner


  • Olive oil – 85ml
  • Vegetable oil – 70ml
  • Honey – 70ml


  1. You can mix all the ingredients together and then heat until it starts to boil.
  2. After that, you can remove the mixture from the heat and leave it before pouring in a spray bottle.
  3. Next, the solution can be squirted on your washed hair while you are using fingertips to massage it gently.
  4. Once this is done, you can get a towel that is slightly hot and damp to wrap around your head for about sixty minutes before rinsing.

Recipe 2: Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner

Ingredient: Mayonnaise (said to be one of the best ingredients that is added to conditioners to treat dry hair)


  1. Simply add a thick layer of the mayonnaise all over your hair
  2. Then, use a wide teeth comb to ensure that its spread evenly.
  3. After that, let it stay in your hair for twenty to thirty minutes
  4. Lastly, use a mild, organic shampoo to wash.

Hopefully, the simple tips above will help you to choose the best hair conditioner. Whether you are buying products at the store or using homemade solutions; the ingredients in the best hair conditioner must be right for your hair type.

Natural Ingredients for Hair Conditioners

If you are tired of using hair products with artificial chemicals that is causing scalp and breakage problems, it’s time to look for alternative solutions. In this article, you will learn about some of the natural ingredients for hair conditioners. With the best conditioner, you do not have to worry about damaging your hair because this product will contain natural ingredients.

Today, there are many hair products available on the market with natural substances as the main ingredient to prevent hair damage. You should know that each of the ingredients will be added to hair products for different purposes. For instance, some natural ingredients will give hair more volume while others will provide the necessary essential oils.

natural ingredients and oils for hair conditioners

Natural ingredients for the best conditioners

When you are using a conditioner with natural substances, this product should consist of vitamins and minerals as these will act as nourishment to keep the hair healthy. Some of the substances that will act as gentle moisturizer include:

  • Lavender oil
  • Wild thyme extract
  • Sage oil tea
  • Glycerin, and much more

best conditioner for healthy and shinny hair

           1.         Sage oil tea: This ingredient will moisturize the hair to make it shiny and glowing whilst adding some flexibility.

           2.        Wild thyme extract: Usually this is added to products before the dye and will not only act as a moisturizer but will give the hair texture.

          3.         Jojoba Oil: This is a vital ingredient for conditioners because it helps to add volume as well as a silky texture to the hair. Note that balm mint extract can add volume to the hair as well.

          4.        Althea extract: Hair products with this extract are meant to get rid of split ends. This is a significant ingredient because it will help to smooth the mucous membranes and stop split ends.

          5.        Citric acid: You will find citric acid as one of the natural ingredients in hair conditioners because it important for keeping the hair healthy. This ingredient is derived naturally from vegetables and fruits to help maintain the hair’s pH balance as well as restore scalp health.

           6.        Protein: If you want your hair to remain healthy, then it is best to use conditioners with protein. This protein can come from whole wheat and it will help to add sheen and body to your hair.

           7.       Pomegranate seed oil: This oil is another essential ingredient as it will naturally protect your hair from sunlight as well as balance the skin’s pH. It can also add sheen and moisture to the hair, whilst treating dandruff, eczema and sunburn.

These are just some of the natural ingredients, which are used in conditioners today. So, you can look for any of these ingredients when you are shopping for the best conditioner. Keep in mind that you can also make your own conditioner at home with any natural ingredient, depending on the treatment that is needed for your hair.

Homemade Hair Conditioner

Nowadays, it is easy to find commercial products each claiming they are the best conditioner that would help you put moisture on your hair. But why buy and waste your money when you can actually make homemade hair conditioner?

Each human head is composed of more than 100,000 strands of hair. Each of this has an inner layer called the cortex that is responsible for its texture and color, and an outer layer than protects the cortex. If your hair is not healthy and not manageable, it means that you lack the necessary moisture and protein necessary for its maintenance. When your hair lacks protein and moisture, it will be very stretchy, dull, and brittle. Tangles are also frequent and it will lack the volume and the vibrancy that it needs. Medications, hormones, stress, genetics, diet and environmental factors like exposure to the sun and different chemicals also affect its growth and health.

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Some Homemade Hair Conditioner Ideas

Conditioning is very essential for our hair and it is surprising how this is often ignored. We assume our shampoo takes care of everything when it fact it does not. Below you will find the best homemade hair conditioner that you can easily find in your kitchen, or at least a few of them:

  • 1 Avocado + 1c real mayonnaise or just avocado or mayonnaise
    • Avocado or mayonnaise in itself is already a very good homemade recipe. But you can also mix it together to have a very effective conditioner.
  • Coconut milk
    • This ingredient may also be heated up for a great homemade hair conditioner that adds shine and beauty to your hair.
  • 1 egg white + 3-3 tbsp coconut oil + juice from ½ of a lemon + 1 mashed banana + 3-4 tbsp of yogurt
    • Works well with thinning hair, dry and itchy scalp and is considered a great homemade hair conditioner for damaged hair
  • 1 c water + 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp oil (any kind)
    • Adds body and luster to any type of hair
  • 1 c warm beer + 1 tsp jojoba oil
    • Is also a great hair conditioner
  • 4 c water + ¾ c vinegar + ¼ sprig rosemary + 1 bag chamomile apple tea
    • Makes hair shiny, knot-free, and so soft
  • 1 whole avocado + ¼ c shea butter + 1/3 c oliver oil + 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    • Perfect for removing tangles and is a great homemade conditioner for dry hair
  • 1/3 c Mayonnaise + 1/3 c avocado + 2 tbsp almond oil
    • Makes the hair shiny and silky


Some More Tips in Making Homemade Conditioner

  • Anyone who has allergic reactions to avocado can replace it with banana or mango, but the result may not be as good as the original avocado recipe.
  • The oils in the recipes above can also be replaced with any oil: jojoba oil, olive oil, almond or apricot kernel oil. It can also add a pleasant smell. Any of these oils is great for treating dry hair.
  • Real mayonnaise is a great and easy alternative because of its egg content.

best homemade hair conditioner for salon damaged hair

The homemade hair conditioner ingredients above works by just mixing them together, applying it on your hair, preferably covering it with a hair cup for 20 minutes and then rinsing your hair with shampoo afterwards for great results.

Best Leave In Conditioner

What is a Leave in Conditioner?

  • This type of conditioner, unlike regular or traditional hair conditioners, may be applied on the hair after a shower and there is no need to rinse it until the next washing.
  • There are advantages to the best leave in conditioner and this is loved especially by women who dread styling their hair with flat iron and blow dryers again especially during hot season.
  • This type of conditioner would also help you lock in the effects of the conditioner that you have applied to your hair after washing with a regular type of conditioner.
  • They also do not use oils that make the hair greasy.
  • It uses glycerin, which is why they are also known as great ‘detanglers’ and leaves moisture to hair that is dry.
  • Aside from hair compatibility and product ingredients, these would probably help you find the best conditioner for you.

best leave in conditioner rebuild build

Different Brands of the Best Leave in Conditioner

Depending on your hair type, there are many brands of the best leave in conditioners.

Intelligent Nutrients Leave in Conditioner

According to most reviews, the best leave in conditioner for curly hair would be the Intelligent Nutrients Leave in Conditioner because it does not bring the hair down and it contains Intellimune oil that is known to rebuild hair from within, so in a way it is also best leave in conditioner for damaged hair.

  • It protects hair and keeps it hydrated. There are many factors why this has remained the best choice for many years aside from the fact that it protects not just the hair but also the scalp.
  • It is also 100% organic.
  • It has also been proven safe even for color treated hair.
  • It contains no paraben, plastic or petro chemicals that are common in other conditioners.
  • It also has an organic deodorizing scent. In fact, in can also have multiple uses.
  • Aside from the hair, it can also be used on the body as well as used as an after-shave.

best leave in conditioner for damaged curly hair

Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner

  • This is also one best leave in conditioner for wavy hair because it is actually designed for hair of bi-racial origin which means you may be black, white, Mediterranean, latin or any combination of these, this is great for you.
  • Its formula claims to penetrate the shaft of the hair, making it smooth and emit a wonderful glow.
  • Of course, it also works for those with straight hair.

The best thing to do with any hair product is to test it first to check if it provides the moisture or the result that you want and need for your hair. You can buy small bottles first or check out the samples that are given for free. Then you will find that finding the best leave in conditioner is not a complicated task after all.

Getting The Best Conditioner For Your Current Hair Condition

When you switch on your television or open magazines most of the ads there are for skin care or hair care products. New products are introduced with renewed conviction and promises that your hair will glow or grow. Hair care is something every man and women are particular about. No one wants to be bald or ugly with receding hair line. The cosmetic market is flooded with products to ensure you glamour and healthy hair. Only recently hair conditioners became popular. A best conditioner will give gloss and life to the dull and dry hair. They are mostly made of proteins and help to manage unruly hair.

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Best Conditioner For Damaged Hair

Due to the environmental pollution and hard water, hair tends to become damaged and dry. Food habits also add to this issue. May styling tools like the hot iron, hair sprays, hair dyes and other hair products can also damage hair considerably. The best conditioner for dull and damaged hair must thus help rebuild the hair with the help of proteins in the conditioner and also give strength, moisture and shine. It must be capable of reducing split ends and must give a volume to the hair. So it is better to look out for a best brand which sells the best conditioner for damaged hair specifically. Rather than using any conditioner use always the best brands which sell products for specify hair problems.

retain the bounce with best conditioner for curly hair

Best Conditioner For Curly Hair

Handling curly hair whether natural and artificial is very difficult. The curls must be free of humidity and must be able to retain resilience and bounce. If the hair lacks moisture or balanced nutrition then it might end in a dirty frizz. Soon split ends and breakage will make the condition even worse and hard to manage. Use conditioners and shampoos made from best brands which contain rice, wheat or corn proteins. Conditioners which contain jojoba oil and panthenol also help in pliability to manage the shape of the curls.

best conditioner for straight fine hair

Best Conditioner For Fine Hair

Just like curly and damaged hair fine, hair also needs the best conditioner. To manage fine hair is easier when compared to dry and curly hair. Still it has to be maintained well to make your hair shiny and glossy. If you think you will look better with a voluminous hair then get the shampoo and conditioner which gives volume and bounce. Natural remedies for best conditioners are also used vividly by many people who are afraid of chemical based conditioners and shampoo for their hair. These remedies are homemade and hence very safe to use. Simple kitchen items like curd, fenugreek, egg whites, tea and henna are used as best conditioners. Hair care and skin care are two vital elements which can bring out the best in you. So care for your hair and use best conditioners and shampoos always.

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