Different Eye Problems

There are different eye problems which range from severe to mild conditions and symptoms. You could develop problems such as dry eyes, puffy eyes, bloodshot eyes and eye discharge; all will affect your vision. As a result, you should get medical care immediately after you develop an eye problem because you have to protect this important organ.

To get the best treatment, you should consult an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. These specialists can deal with any problem of the eye, unlike an optician. They can diagnose, perform tests, treat, as well as give prescription for medicines, contact lenses and glasses.

different bloodshot eye problems

Common Eye Problems and Conditions

The following will highlight some of the common eye problems and possible treatments such as astigmatism contacts.

1. Red or Bloodshot Eyes: This is one of the most common eye conditions and it will develop if the blood vessels become irritated when dilated and enlarged. On the other hand, red eyes could also occur because of a serious underlying problem like Acute Glaucoma, Blepharitis, Corneal Ulcers or Conjunctivitis.

Triggers: injury, illness, infection, fatigue or allergies

2. Eye Pain: If you are feeling eye pain, this is a serious problem which could cause a stabbing, aching, throbbing or burning feeling. You can be affected by two types of eye pain: orbital or ocular pain.

  • Ocular pain: This will develop in the eye’s outer structure. It can be triggered by chemical burns, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, and corneal ulcers or abrasions.
  • Orbital pain: This is an actual eye disease and will feel like there is a dull ache in or behind your eyes. Diseases like Glaucoma, Trauma, Migraines, Iritis and Optic Neuritis can trigger this pain.

3. Watery Eyes: You might believe this or not, but this is the main contributor for dry eyes problem.

Triggers: allergies, blocked tear ducts, aging, environmental irritants, conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

4.  Eye discharge: It is easy to know when you have eye discharge because a sticky yellowish matter will come from your eyes. This is not really a serious problem, but when the discharge is continuous, it is best to get medical treatment. 

astigmatism contacts lenses

5. Astigmatism: This is also called blurred vision and it will develop if you have an irregular-shaped cornea. When you have this condition, the light rays entering your eyes will not focus right on the retina and this will create a blurred image. The most common treatment for this condition is Astigmatism contacts. You can wear contact lenses to correct this condition, especially if you are not keen on wearing eyeglasses.

In conclusion, you should know that if you have vision changes like eye spots, blurriness, halos, floaters or blindness, then this is an indication that you have a serious problem. Diseases like Glaucoma, Presbyopia, Floaters and Cataracts are all serious conditions that will cause vision changes. Some other likely causes can be medications, fatigue and too much sunlight.

Causes and Treatments for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition of the eye that will affect our vision when the cornea has an irregular shape. This eye defect is called a refractive problem because the there is a disparity in the level of refraction in the different focal points. The information below will help you to understand more about the causes and treatments for Astigmatism.

If you have been diagnosed with this eye problem, it’s because your cornea has an irregular curve shape so this will stop light from focusing on it correctly and this will lead to astigmatism or blurred vision. It is important to note that sometimes people with normal shaped cornea will also develop this condition because something is wrong with the curving of their eye lens. One of the treatments that your doctor might recommend is Astigmatism contacts.

astigmatism causes and treatments

Here are some of the causes of Astigmatism

There are two types of Astigmatism: Lenticular or Corneal.

1. Corneal Astigmatism is caused by structural defects which causes blurred vision when the cornea curve is uneven and is not refracting light correctly. You could have this eye problem because of:

  • Scarring from an eye infection, injury and some types of surgery.
  • A birth defect if you were born with a cornea that is curved unevenly.
  • A congenital problem because one or both of your parents have Astigmatism.
  • You were born prematurely or underweight.
  • A degenerative eye disorder called Keratoconus.

2. Lenticular Astigmatism will develop if there is a problem with the curving of the eyes lens instead of the cornea. You could have this problem because of diabetes. When your blood sugar level is too high, this will change the shape of your lens. But with the correct treatment, you can get rid of the diabetes and the astigmatism.

astigmatism treatment contacts lenses

Treatments for Astigmatism

  • Eyeglasses: Some doctors will recommend eyeglasses as an alternative for contact lenses.
  • LASIK surgery: For this treatment, the doctor will use laser to fix the shape of the cornea.
  • Astigmatism contacts: These are usually used to treat the two types of Astigmatism. You can find different contact lenses on the market such as the soft, hard, bifocal, disposable, extended wear and rigid gas permeable. You can wear the rigid contacts during the daytime for an extended period until it improves the curvature of your eye. In most cases, the lenses will be used to maintain the new shape but the eyes will return to the original shape if you stop the treatment.

Now that you know about this common eye condition, you need to contact a medical doctor if you suspect that you acquire it from an injury or infection. Remember that this eye problem can be corrected or treated with treatment such as Astigmatism contacts, so it’s best to act quickly.

Biofinity Contact Lenses

There are so many brands of contact lenses in the market like Ciba, Bausch & Lomb, and Vistakon. Biofinity contact lenses produced by the Coopervision are the latest sensation in the market. Though a relatively new player in the market, Coopervision products are already earning good reviews among the customers. Their affordable price is also a reason for their success. While the other companies give six lenses for $70, Coopervision manages to provide the same for $50 without compromising on the quality.

latest sensation biofinity contact lenses

However, it cannot be erased that contact lenses also has its cons. Whether you are using Biofinity contact lenses or not, you are bound to experience some repercussions in using contacts.

Common Problems Met in Using Contacts

Let us take a look at some of the main complaints put forward by the contact lens users:

  1. These astigmatism contacts are not very comfortable to use
  2. Dry eyes get an irritating sensation when lenses are used
  3. Quality lenses are very costly
  4. The vision is limited to certain angles and gets blurry sometimes
  5. Lots of eye infections develop after a few days of using contacts

Features of Biofinity Contact Lenses

It is true that some eyes secrete high level of protein which will deposit on the lens causing various issues. Biofinity contact lenses are designed specially using silicone hydrogel crystals and Aquaform comfort science techniques to provide maximum comfort to the eyes. Let us see how this Coopervision product removes the most common complaints.

cheap biofinity contact lenses for astigmatism

  1. As mentioned in most of the Biofinity contact lenses review, the rounded edges of the product provides maximum comfort to the eyes.
  2. There is no silicone coating to preserve the wetness like the other brands. The whole lens is made up of a wetness retaining material, making the Biofinity contact lenses, the best choice of dry eyes. The material forms hydrogen bonds with the water molecules and locks the water within in the lens keeping them wet forever.
  3. Coopervision wants to make their product affordable to the mainstream customers. Hence, they market cheap Biofinity contact lenses without compromising the quality.
  4. The aspheric surface of the Biofinity contacts makes clear and sharp vision possible. Patients need not worry about sudden blurry vision or the lenses moving inside the eyes when they wink. They fix to the cornea like glue, providing perfect vision even from a very long distance.
  5. The Biofinity contact lenses maintain the right amount of oxygen in your eyes, keeping it healthy and free from infections.

Coopervision markets discount biofinity contact lenses with the sole aim of popularizing this product among the contact lens users. If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable contact lens, give it a try. You will not change brands forever after using it once.

Prescription Colored Contacts

Astigmatism is an inherited eye disorder, which causes difficulty in viewing objects clearly. Astigmatism contacts are available for patients suffering from the blurry vision problem. There are many types of contact lenses available for astigmatism patients like:

  1. Soft Toric lenses or prescription colored contacts
  2. Gas Permeable (GP) contact lenses and
  3. Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) or Orthokeratology lenses

be extra careful in using prescription colored contacts

Various Types of Contact Lenses

Disposable Colored Contacts

  • Disposable colored contacts with prescription are the common lenses used by most of the people.
  • They can be used for two to four weeks and disposed.
  • They are usually very cheap than the eye glasses.
  • The only problem with this prescription colored contacts is that, it rotates slightly each time the patient winks.

Note: Astigmatism patients using these lenses often complain, they are able to see the fine details clearly for a minute and the objects get blurred in the next minute.  Hence, other advanced devices like CRT are prescribed for some patients.

Gas Permeable (GP) contact lenses and Corneal Refractive Therapy

There are two types of Astigmatism, regular and irregular. GP’s and CRT a type of GP contacts are usually prescribed only for the people having irregular astigmatism.

  • They are a bit costly and have to be prepared specially based on the patients customized needs.
  • CRT contacts are worn overnight during the sleep and removed in the morning, so that the patient can carry on with their normal day to day activities without the contacts.
  • Prescription colored contacts is much easier to use than the CRT lens and are very affordable too.
  • CRT lens reshapes the cornea during sleep to provide clear vision for a day or a few hours. The patient should wear it every night to re-adjust the corneal shape, much like dental retainers.

various designs for colored contacts with prescription

Doctor’s Viewpoint on Cheap Colored Contacts

Though, cheap colored contacts with prescription do not cause any major eye problem, majority of the optometrists advice their patients to go with a simple eye glass. They simply do not prefer their patients meddling with their eyes constantly. There are various reasons for this.

  1. Many patients have long and unclean nails. This causes various infections in the eye.
  2. Most of the patients do not clean the lenses properly

Colored prescription contacts for dark eyes will make them look lighter instantly. Various colors and even lenses with designs like a simple heart in between them are available. They can be used for parties and disposed immediately. There are some models which can be used continuously for a year without removing. But, the chances for patients using such devices catching minor infections are very high.  Hence, many eye specialists advice their patients to be very careful while using prescription colored contacts.

Astigmatism Contacts

Science has expanded its horizon into every aspect of a man’s life. New discoveries and technological advancements have made life much better and more comfortable. Scientific advancement in the field of medicine has helped man to protect himself from various diseases. Out of the five sensory organs, the eyes are very important body parts through which we see the world. Latest medical wonders have helped man to protect and repair eye related problems. One such problem is astigmatism. However, you can easily correct this by using astigmatism contacts.

acuvue astigmatism corrective contacts

Facts about Astigmatism

What are astigmatism contacts? You might have heard about nearsightedness otherwise known as the Myopia, which means difficulty seeing things in a distance and about far sightedness otherwise known as Hyperopia, having which you find seeing objects near you difficult. Astigmatism is similar to the above mentioned but only it is a refractive error.


  • An eye with this disorder will have difficulty to produce clearer vision of an object because the retina fails to produce single focus.
  • People with astigmatism have blurred vision and it occurs in childhood.

Diagnosis: It can be identified during a eye checkup and then corrected through eyeglasses, refractive surgery or contact lenses.

best contact lenses for astigmatism


  • Astigmatism contact lenses are popular and are used by many people.
  • The surgery might cost more and the glasses might look odd and hence astigmatism contacts are considered as cheaper and moreover it doesn’t change the look of the face.
  • The eye specialist will prescribe the best contacts for astigmatism which can be worn and benefited.

astigmatism contacts repair eye problem

Best-selling Brands and Types of Astigmatism contacts

If you are looking for cheap contacts for astigmatism then you will have to check with many stores or online prices to get the best deal.

  • Acuvue astigmatism contacts: These astigmatism contacts are thicker towards the center of the lens and thin at the edge. This type of astigmatism contacts are used by people who also have long-sightedness or short sightedness.
  • Toric contact lenses: You can also wear Toric astigmatism contacts and gas permeable contact lenses for astigmatism. The level of astigmatism must however be assessed during the eye examination by the specialist.
  • This will be done by seeing your eyes with the help of the light.
  • He will manually put different lenses between the eye and the light to check the severity of this issue.
  • Many automated tests have also been introduced lately in many eye care centers.
  • This provides faster test results and can also provide exact reading for other refractive errors.
  • These tests are done in the preliminary stage however only the ophthalmologist will scrutinize the results and then prescribe the corrective method.

get cheap contacts for astigmatism

Eye Examinations


Automated Eye Testing

When you decide to wear astigmatism contacts carefully read about how to wear, remove and preserve them. It is very important to cleanse it thoroughly before and after wearing it. Get complete instructions from the eye specialist and correct your eye problem with astigmatism contacts.