Safest Gate Types For Your Home

There are several safest gate types with special gate security tools installed on your gates for maximum home security. Unlike other manual lockers, these automatic gate openers operate with the use of a remote control. They are the best of Apollo gate openers installed with barrier, swing, and slide types of gates. As a homeowner, you do not need to go to your gate and push. This is because these openers are powered by electrical and mechanical energy.

Automatic Apollo Security Gates

With Apollo gates, you will get various automatic safest gate types. From the gradual improvement of past products, the technicians at Apollo ensure that the safest gate types provided to customers are of the best quality and at reasonable cost. Some of the safest gate types from these operators that you can totally rely on for top and maximum gate security are listed below.

the best safest gate types

  • Apollo BA12 Barrier Arm Operators

These are available from professional dealers in the market. They form part of top product in the list. These operators have a design that has the ability to hold or handle a barrier arm that goes up to sixteen feet in length.

  • Apollo 1500 Swing Gate Operators

These are simple to install on sliding gates. They also handle a barrier of up to 16 feet in length. They consist of a circuit board with an ON/OFF operator. In addition, they have monitor lights, a lock and siren box.

  • Residential And Commercial Slide Gate Operators

These also have OPEN/CLOSE limit switch Light Emitting Diodes, monitor lights, locks and siren lights. Their purpose is to provide strong and efficient security to both commercial and residential areas.

There are still many other safest gate types provided to all their esteemed customers. With Apollo gates, every customer has assured security, since their safest gate types meet the required standards, as tested by them, before installing them on your gates. In addition to that, they make sure that every part of their gates operates well without default.

cost effective Apollo gate openers

The Benefits You Will Enjoy From Apollo Gates 

1.) Top security and improved safety

With these openers, each household member is assured of top security. You do not need to use keys as people can easily make copies of the same. With the use of electronic means and a combination of security codes, it becomes simpler for you to maximize your security level.

2.) This is the best way to prevent gate related perils

When you are opening a door manually, you may accidentally hurt yourself. However, when you make use of these automated safest gate types, this is minimized. This is because you are making use of a remote control system to do the activity of closing and opening your gate.

3.) Cheap to buy

All the systems are of high quality and completely affordable. For every product you buy, you may even get a free shipment from them.

Apollo Gate : World’s Popular Gate Lock Manufacturers

In selecting a device to secure your house, you have to choose from the list of popular gate lock manufacturers. Gate lock manufacturers that belong to this list have proven that they have the best quality products and services. Apollo is one of these popular gate lock manufacturers that can provide you’re houses with secured locks

What are Apollo’s Gate Openers?

Apollo gate openers are mechanical devices that provide security to different types of houses. This gate opener can be used with different types of gates like swing and slide gates. The owner of the house can easily manipulate the opening and closing of these gates by using the remote control. Once the remote control is used, the gate automatically opens and closes.

the best popular gate lock manufacturers

What are the Advantages of Using Gate Openers by Apollo

Providing a good security for your house need not be very expensive. Most popular gate lock manufacturers offer reasonable prices that fit the quality of the product you will be purchasing. Some of the benefits that you can get from these manufacturers are:

  • Security:

With the use of these gate openers, the only person who has the control is the home owner. No one will be able to easily open the gate without authorization. All these gate openers are made from good quality materials that cannot be easily destroyed, making your place more secure. The only way to open these gate locks is through a remote control, voice recognition or pin codes. If a person enters the wrong authorization code, it will send a warning signal to the owner and also the authorities.

  • Reliability:

These popular gate lock manufacturers are known to have reliable products. Being one of these manufacturers, the Apollo gate is proven to be reliable when it comes to securing your house. You can trust that your gate openers will not malfunction after a few months of use. All these products are made from high quality materials that made them a good choice for your house.

reliable apollo gate openers

  • Safety:

Apollo gates are known to provide safe procedures in locking your houses. There is no need for you to unlock big locks with keys that can cause injuries to your hands especially when it becomes rusty. All its wires are secure, which make it safe while you enter the codes for your gate openers. Some gate openers can also be operated with voice recognition. With this feature, you no longer need to touch the gate opener. The less contact with the gate opener, the less chances of you getting some injuries.

Other Considerations

These are just some of the advantages of getting devices from popular gate lock manufacturers. You can select the gate opener you wanted from a wide variety of gate openers. There are gate openers that are run mechanically, some hydraulic, while others have transmitters. Once you tried and used some of these gate openers, you can truly say that it is a very good investment.

If you encounter problems with your gate openers, the manufacturers also offer repair services. Part replacements and repairs are just some the services they are offering their clients. All these things will be offered to you by popular gate lock manufacturers. If you want to secure your house, just choose the best manufacturer, use their best gate openers, and your house will be secured forever.

Electric Gate Openers

Electric gate openers are common in houses and businesses with considerable long driveways. They are mechanical devices that are used in opening and closing of gates. These gate openers are installed alongside swing, slide or other types of gates. These openers enable the gates to open and to close through the use of remote controls that are commanded by the operator.

To generate the thrust to open the gates, electric gate openers are motorized by mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic energy.  It is considered a security measure because it limits one from getting out the vehicle to open the gate since they can be controlled from the comfort of one’s car. The number of driveway hijacking cases has increased in the recent times and to counter this threat, most people have resorted to using driveway gates as preventative measure, which use electric gate openers for driveways mechanisms to operate.

best electric gate openers

Electric gate openers are very easy to install and affordable. There are a wide variety of electric gates available in the market today that require these types of gate openers.

Sliding gate openers electric systems are very ideal when the driveway is limited in terms of space because they occupy a considerable small space. It has a motor which slides the gate horizontally along some type of rails until they open. They are often found in business parking lots, homes with long stretches of driveways or in extremely steep driveways. When selecting this mechanism you should consider:

  • price,
  • type of mechanism it uses to operate; electric or hydraulic
  • brand.

The Apollo Gate Openers

collected electric gate openers reviews

Apollo gate openers are a universally recognized brand of gate openers. They have different parts based on the type of gate that is mounted upon. The parts also differ when the gate opener is motorized mechanically or by use of hydraulic systems. They are a leading manufacturer and a trusted name of electric gate openers in the market.

If the gate openers are mechanically or electrically motorized, then the motor is the main source of power generation. Hydraulic motors use a hydraulic system to operate. The opener arm refers to a device that is attached to the gate sides, which is used in pushing and pulling the gate to open or to close. The transmitter refers to the wireless or a set of programs that is used to operate the opener. Another mechanism for these electric gates is the vehicle induction loops that control the opening and closing of the gates.

People interested with electric gate openers and safety can find enormous information from electric gate openers reviews. There are articles that educate homeowner’s ways of installing and building driveway gates. There are also informative articles on tips of choosing the right type of electric gates as well as knowing some new inventions on the same such as solar powered electric gates.

Automatic Gate Openers

Automatic gate openers have become a very big part of people’s lives. As technology advances, more people are taking up steps that will make their lives simpler and more secure. These gate openers use normal technology to automatically open gates when one approaches. You can open one from inside your car, making them better in securing people from any invaders. In order to understand more about automatic gate openers, one can read automatic gate openers reviews online. These reviews are mostly written by users who have had personal experience with automatic gates and are intended to help new users make better choices.

automatic gate openers solar

Most automatic gate openers use hydraulic technology to work. But there are others that use mechanical operations for their gate openers. Whichever kind of a system that is used, an automatic gate opener will be designed in a way that best serves a user’s needs. Different technologies are used depending on which kind of a gate is needed. Automatic sliding gate openers might not use the same working mechanism when compared with others. When considering installing one, you should try and get one that serves your needs well.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons of using this kind of a gate in place of manually operated gates. One of these is ease of operation. With automatic gate openers, you do not have to get out of your vehicle when getting into your premise. All you need to do is to open your gate using a remote and then you can go in. A good example of these is automatic driveway gate openers, which can be operated at a safe distance. Another great fact one has to consider is that they offer more security. There are so many robbers who await people on their gates. When you are in your car you have more time to call for help in case there is an attack. These gates are also hard to open when one does not have their remote, giving any robber a hard time to penetrate a gate.

best automatic gate openers reviews

Things to Know

There are several factors that one should consider before using automatic gate openers. These considerations will greatly help in determining whether one is good with a manually operated gate or one that is operated using an automatic gate opener. Some of these considerations include;

  • Security – you need to know what kind of security you require. This will greatly be dependent on where you reside and security needed.
  • Traffic flow – traffic has everything to do with people going in and out of your gate. You do not want something that is too slow for present traffic.
  • Brand – you should learn what brand you want to buy an automatic gate opener from. One famous brand is Apollo gate openers.

Automatic gate openers provide the same security with manual gate openers. This convenient tool is needed for people who are always on the go and with every second that they save, this is all worth its price.

Apollo Gate Openers: Safety and Convenience

Apollo gate openers are among the well-known brands of gate openers or operators that are installed together with the swing, slide, and barrier types of gates. As their name suggest, these openers take care of the opening and closure of gates as commanded by the homeowner through the use of a remote control. To generate that moving or closing thrust, the automatic openers are powered by mechanical, electrical, or perhaps, hydraulic energy.

durable apollo automatic gate openers

Benefits of Installing Automatic Gates

If budget is not a concern, automating certain household equipment and parts would be beneficial. Automatic gates for example have the following advantages over or conventional manual types.

  • Convenience. All other uses, benefits, and advantages of installing automatic gates will have to boil down to a single purpose and that is ensuring the convenience of household members who regularly make use of the gates. When Apollo automatic gate openers are installed, the owner won’t have to manually exert force to open the gates, there is no need to bother about gate keys, and operating the gate is simpler and faster. Convenience of use will mostly be needed during the rainy season.

apollo gate openers reviews

  • Improved Safety and Security. Apollo gate openers provide extra layer of safety and security for each household member. Instead of using keys that can easily be duplicated or faked, gate locks are also automated. Electronic or automated locks can be in the form of code combinations, fingerprints, or a combination of these with the traditional keys.
  • Avoiding Gate-Related Accidents. Doing heavy or slightly heavy tasks manually usually poses physical risks to an individual. When opening and closing heavy and large metal gates, there are risks of bodily hits and injuries that a person may sustain. Installing fully automated Apollo gate openers eliminates the need for physical contact with heavy, large, and risky gates.
  • Aesthetic and Real Value. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, automated gates also improve the appearance of the entire home or property including the real estate’s price or value.

common apollo gate openers parts

Apollo Gate Openers Parts

The parts of an automatic gate opener or controller will differ according to the type of gate that is installed upon. An opener for a slider-type gate has parts slightly distinct from those intended for the barrier and the swing gates. Additionally, the parts will also differ when the gate opener is mechanically or hydraulically powered.

  • Mechanical motors or electromagnets. If the Apollo gate openers installed are mechanically or electrically powered, the main part in-charge of creating power or motion is the motor or electromagnet. Electromagnets are used for lighter gates, while the heavy ones require more powerful electric motors to move, swing, slide, or lift up the gates.
  • Hydraulic motors. In contrast with the electrical or mechanical types, hydraulically powered openers draw their power from hydraulic motors installed in each unit. Hydraulics has been widely used in several equipment and industrial operations. Hydraulic equipment is just like huge powerful arms capable of moving objects even at tons of weight.

affordable apollo gate openers for sale

  • The Opener Arm. The arm is the part of Apollo gate openers that are attached to the side of the movable gate, which pushes or pulls the heavy gates to open or close them out.
  • The Transmitter. The transmitter part of the openers handles the wireless or remote control operation of the opener.

How to Find Great Deals on Apollo Gate Openers

Automated gate openers are massively produced and offered by several companies and distributors. With said competition, it’s no longer that hard to find Apollo gate openers for sale priced much lower or comes in great deals. To make comparisons on the pricing, you can directly browse Apollo Gate’s official website and compare them with your local dealer’s price.