Useful Tips On How To Customize A T Shirt

If you have an old t shirt that is slightly worn out or you no longer wear, you could get creative with it and make it brand new and stylish. All you need is some time and patience and you will be able to come up with something fun, unique and fashionable. You don’t need to throw out your old clothes for the simple reason that they are old. You can do a lot many things with your t shirt and make it presentable. There are a number of ways in which you can customize your t shirt. You only need to know the basics on how to customize a t shirt and you will easily be able to add your own creative ideas and make something great.

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Customization Ideas

Here are some instructions and ideas on how to customize a t shirt and what you should be careful about:

  • Painting: The first and the most popular way to customize your t-shirt is to paint it. Among painting too, there are numerous different options for you to choose from.
    • Stencil Painting

This is the easiest way. You can go for this option if you are new to painting or are worried that you may spoil your tee shirt. You should make sure that the shirt is laid on a smooth surface. After that, you must insert a cardboard so that the tee shirt is secure. Now place the stencil on the shirt and using a brush, apply paint all over the stencil. Let it dry completely before applying another coat. Once the second coat also dries, remove the stencil.

    • Hand Painting

This needs a little more patience and creativity. You don’t need to be great at drawing because you can trace the image on the tee shirt. After that you should color accordingly, not forgetting to place a cardboard underneath. Don’t move the cardboard or the tee shirt until the painting is completely dry.

    • More Ideas

You can use your hands to paint your tee shirt. This is a very enjoyable and fun activity especially for kids. Make sure you use safe colors though. Dip your fingers or hand in the paint and create your own patterns on the tee shirt.

  • Pictures: You can even have your tee shirt printed with pictures of your choice. This type of customization is becoming very popular these days and may be done in different shops or even over the internet. You only have to give the image you want to be printed and the size of the tee shirt. At the shop, you can give your own tee shirt too. The output will be highly personalized and special. Such tee shirts make great gifts.

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There are many other types on how to customize a t shirt such as the use of beads and even vegetables for block painting. You can even use small sized stones and come up with various new patterns. Now that you know how to customize a t shirt, choose a good t shirt such as Anvil shirts if you want to give it as a gift or pick any old t shirt and set your ideas free!

Different Types of Shirts Available In The Market

Shirts may look similar to each other but there are actually different types of shirts you can buy. You will find a hoard of styles and designs when you check the market or online stores. You can pick based on the purpose, the occasions or simply based on your personality and style. You can even pick based on your mood. You don’t always need to select based on the latest trends. First off, clothing should be comfortable, and then fashion can come later. If you only stick to the style factor and neglect the right fit, you won’t be comfortable with your attire or pull off the look that you want to achieve.

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Different Types Of Shirts

  • Dress Shirt

The dress shirt has a button down collar and usually comes with long sleeves. These are shirts that are often worn as office attires. They are very comfortable, sleek and leave a lot of room for creativity. The fact that they are very lightweight adds to their comfort level. You can wear a dress shirt with suit or a sports jacket. A necktie will complete your look. You can have the shirt tailored so that it fits your body shape properly.

  • Polo Shirt

Also known as the golf shirt, this shirt is short sleeved and is very comfortable. Among the different types of shirts, this is preferred by a lot of people because it is comfy and inexpensive. It is usually worn during summer because it is very casual and trendy. They come in a number of colors and patterns. Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Anvil shirts are popular brands in the market you can check out.

  • Sports Shirt

Sports shirt is versatile wear. You can either wear short sleeves or long sleeves. It is generally loose in comparison to a dress shirt. It is best teamed with jeans and gives a semi-formal or a sporty look depending upon the style of the shirt. These high performance shirts may also be worn under suits.

  • Tuxedo Shirt

This shirt is often worn with a tuxedo and a staple during special occasions. It is not a regular shirt and is not very popular either. Many people reserve it for use only during weddings and other formal occasions. A tuxedo shirt has buttons and long sleeves. It has pleating in the front and white is the staple color. The shirt is collared and is usually closed using a bowtie.

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Having different types of shirts in your wardrobe can help you pick the best one for a specific occasion. Sports shirts are great for athletes while a dress shirt is best for corporate people. Having the option to pick which appropriate shirt to wear can help you be comfortable while doing your everyday activities.

Polo Shirts: A Clothing Essential

Polo shirts are a very popular style of shirts worn today. These shirts are also known as golf shirts or tennis shirts, and they are t shaped, with a collar and buttons that run down their front side till somewhere half way through the chest. Polo shirts are made of knitted rather than woven cloth and most popular material used in their making today is cotton.

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History of Polo Shirt

Polo shirts were first worn in 19th and early 20th century especially by tennis players during matches. Back then, these shirts had long sleeves, no collars and with no buttons thus posing a great challenge to players. A famous tennis player then decided to design the current polo shirts for the game to make it easier for players to do their thing. He launched it in US championship games in 1926. On retiring in 1933, Lacoste began producing these shirts for all to wear. Back then, polo shirts had uses as listed below;

  • As uniform for tennis and golf players
  • Protecting the player’s necks from being burnt by sun due to its collar

Common Use of Polo Shirts Today

Polo shirts are being customised in large numbers today. Their customisation involves printing of business mottos, printing of product images as well as writing of individuals’ names on them. This is because custom polo shirts are mainly used for product or business endorsements, and are mainly worn as uniforms for shop attendants as well as waiters. These shirts are available in various designs and colours based on request. These shirts offer a unique presentation of products and services during marketing and, therefore, come in all sizes for men women as well as children. Currently, polo shirts are used for different purposes as shown below:

  • They are worn in non official contexts that do not allow t shirts
  • For outside manual jobs due to its rugged nature
  • As everyday wear

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Polo shirts for men are naturally expected to have bolder and a more distinct form of customisation as compared to polo shirts for women and children.  Men are the frequent users of this clothing style thus opening for many ways of designs. Basically the main idea of these shirts is for men to wear it so when women wears one, the detail is meant for women as well.

Anvil shirts are a leading brand in manufacture of polo shirts. This brand avails polo shirts in a variety of colours, sizes and styles, and all these shirts are made of durable cotton making them good quality. Anvil brand also avails cheap polo shirts by virtue of selling them on whole sale at discounted prices.  Cheap polo shirts can also be obtained from sales in leading distributors’ stalls.

Polo shirts could be matched with jeans for an informal occasion, or worn with formal pants to semi formal work places. The range of wearing these shirts is wide which make it a standard member of every man’s wardrobe.

Long Sleeve T Shirts Will Keep You Warm

Long sleeve t shirts are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Reason behind this is because    they are an option you can put on and go out on any ordinary day or just spend time with friends. Good long sleeve t shirts can boost your appearance and enjoy a casual and comfortable feel that they provide.

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Benefits and Key Features

You can get long sleeve t shirts whether you are looking for fashion, class or sporty stylish looks. Men, women and children enjoy a wide selection of brands same as men’s long sleeved t-shirts when shopping. Below are benefits of long sleeve t shirts;

  • They give you a more formal look and provide more coverage.
  • You can wear them through many seasons and still maintain fashion and style. They go well with any hand bag in fashion.
  • Long sleeved t shirts are perfect for winter and fall seasons. During these cold seasons it is very hard to wear short sleeved shirt and maintain a style. But with long sleeve t shirts; you carry on with your style even during cold seasons but still keeping yourself warm. Extended sleeves will give you more warmth especially on your arms.
  • They are also available in a variety of customized prints, elegant designs and finishing. You can pick one with a unique design that has some meaning to it. There are also plain long sleeve t shirts if you prefer them to be simple and where them with some accessories.
  • You can have yours custom made to have the design, color or a special print of your choice to go with a bottom trouser or jeans you already have.
  • Mens long sleeve t shirts are available in several styles, shapes and fabrics such as cotton, polyester, poly-cotton and raglan.

Fashion Tips

You can layer your long sleeve shirt with a cardigan vest and look stylish. In addition to that, you can wear long sleeve t shirts beneath short sleeved ones to achieve an interesting blend. They are readily available in all major brands giving you more than enough options to choose from.

Dress your boys with boys long sleeve t shirts to keep them warm. They come in their favorites such as jerseys and baseballs. These t-shirts are available in marvelous designs and 100% cotton. Boys’ long sleeve t-shirts are well knitted and available at affordable prices.

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The Multi-functional Anvil Shirts

Anvil shirts are environment friendly and keep you warm. They have a round collar that matches with color of the edge of sleeves. They are made of breathable material that absorbs moisture. Anvil shirts look and feel great when wearing them.

If you love style and you want something that will bring out the fashion you want, then you can start with long sleeve t shirts as they are the best in today’s market.

Quality Clothing from Anvil Shirts

Anvil has been a leader in cotton-knit shirts for over a century. As one of the leading suppliers of T shirts for image shirts and promotional printers, Anvil shirts span the globe. What started as a small company offering quality shirts has expanded into an international company that is leading the pack in innovation and quality. With 70 different styles in nearly 100 colors, Anvil shirts have a product to meet nearly any need.

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Features of Anvil Shirts

  • Innovative, high-quality materials: From Anvil shirts made from PET milk bottles to materials sourced directly within the United States, Anvil ensures that all material used to create Anvil T shirts or Anvil polo shirts are of the highest quality. This means exceptional comfort and durability you can count on.
  • Variety of designs: Anvil shirts offer designs for men, women or children. The choices are nearly endless. From simple solid prints to bold geographical shapes and designs, it is easy to find the perfect shirt for your preferences or business needs.
  • Reputation: With over a century in the textile and knitwear industry, you can trust Anvil shirts to provide the best quality, materials and designs available. Should you encounter an issue with the Anvil T shirts wholesale process, you can rest easy knowing the company will work hard to resolve your issue and get your order completed as quickly as possible.
  • Manufacturing: Anvil shirts specialize in supplying private label and image wear brands. This means you can count on a steady supply of shirts regardless of the quantity you need. Whether you need 50 shirts or 1000 shirts, you can order with confidence knowing that Anvil shirts have the manufacturing power to quickly complete your order.

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However, Anvil is not just a big name. It is a leader in eco-friendly optimization and technology with the apparel manufacturing market. New lines, including the Anvil organic T shirts, Anvil recycled polos and the Anvil sustainable line have secured the company its rank as the sixth largest global organic program rated by the Organic Exchange. Combine these technologies with Anvil T shirts wholesale programs and you have a product that is affordable and flexible as well as eco-friendly. This makes it easy to jump into the green movement with your family or business.

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Popular Styles and Designs of Anvil Shirts

  • Anvil Knitwear 528: This women’s T shirt is available in sizes from XS to 2XL. Contoured side seams provide a form-fitting and attractive fit. Thirteen color choices, tear-away tags and reinforced seams and hems round out the offerings of this popular model.
  • Anvil Knitwear US911: This pocket T shirt is the ideal men’s T shirt. Pre-shrunk sizes from S to 4XL provide an ideal fit every time. Eight colors, including safety green and safety orange, offer plenty of choices to find the perfect Anvil shirts for your needs.
  • Anvil Organic 420: This line is available in sizes ranging from S to 4XL. Made of 100% organic cotton jersey, these shirts are not only comfortable but made from materials that minimize environmental impact. Sixteen possible colors make finding the perfect color simple.

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With Anvil shirts, you get to experience “not just a T shirt” but also quality construction, superb fit and maximum comfort.