Hipster Sunglasses: Its Birth and Distinguishing Features

Hipster sunglasses are the hottest craze today even though we are no longer in the nineties. Ever since their inception, these plastic style hipster sunglasses have taken the fashion world by storm.

Knowing More of Hipster Sunglasses

trendy summer hipster sunglasses

Raymond Stegeman, an American optical designer, introduced the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses to the market in 1952. They are considered as the first hipster sunglasses and were worn by a lot of hipsters during those times. This move revolutionized the sunglasses fashion market forever. These sunglasses had been a breakthrough from the regular metal eyewear from the previous years to the plastic molded frames which are extremely popular today. Over the years, the hipster glasses have been in and out of fashion, appearing in many television programs and films. They took over the fashion world in 2000s when a huge number of indie kids started to sport the oversized plastic style frames that were made to hook around the ears. In recent years, musicians and celebrities also started to show interest in the hipster style sunglasses.

Distinguishing Features of Hipster Sunglasses

Today, you can find many different styles and colors of Wayfarers on the market. With the increase in popularity, this hipster fashion accessory is now selling in thousands. As result, the manufacturer is now re-modeling the design to satisfy the growing demands of the hipster fashion enthusiasts. You can use the following features to identify these sunglasses.

  • The initial design for these sunglasses had been criticized for being unstable, which led to some slight alterations. The changes resulted in sunglasses with sturdier and thicker arms, plus the shades were given more masculine look.
  • You can identify the most popular type of hipster style glasses by their huge, black, rectangular shape frames which are usually made from thick plastic material. Generally, the size of these frames extends from the brow towards the mid-section of the cheekbone or a little beyond it. There are also other variations on these styles such as multicolored round frames.
  • You can also find hipster sunglasses in the form of vintage glasses which often comes with comical or unique frame designs like cat eyes and hearts.
  • Some of the popular modern frames include the blinder shades. These are the preferred choice for those who are into the pop culture.
  • The popular versions of the iconic hipster style sunglasses include amber or brown frames, metal frames and the round O-shaped frames.
  • Keep in mind that some hipster glasses also come with thin frames, but the design will still have the large size.

stylish anarchy sunglasses

If you are interested in buying these popular shades, you can consider the Anarchy sunglasses. The Anarchy Eyewear collection has designs which are influenced by pop music, fashion, art and action sports to suit the demands of every person. Get a pair of the hipster sunglasses today if you want to keep up with latest trend. Whether you choose black, brown, white or blue color, these sunglasses will allow you to join the hip crowd! 

Choosing the Right Sunglasses to Match Your Face Shape

Are you looking for the right sunglasses to match your face shape? If you are looking for sunglasses to match your face shape, you surely know how important it is to choose the right lenses for your sunglasses to get the best protection for your eyes and the best frame to match your face. But do you know about the different types of sunglasses frames? There are actually a variety of lenses that suits different face shapes. The information below will help you find the ideal sunglasses to complement the shape of your face and also to give you the best look.

stunning sunglasses to match your face shape

These days, you can find sunglass frames on the market in any style that you can imagine from stylish and sleek to strong and durable. The manufacturers are now using different types of materials to make sunglass frames, so there are many options to match every budget. When buying sunglasses you can choose a frame from these two materials:

  • Metals – Generally, most of the branded sunglasses are made with lightweight composite or high strength metals which are extremely durable. You can choose a sunglass with nickel, titanium, aluminum or stainless steel metal for the frame.
  • Plastics – If you looking for cheaper sunglasses, then you can opt for a pair with plastic frames. The zyl or zylonite frames are the most common frames. They are available in many colors and can be adjusted easily. The polycarbonate frames are also popular. These are usually associated with the safety of sport sunglasses because they provide optimum eye protection and high resistance.

When it comes to sunglasses that can offer the perfect combination of style, performance and durability, the Anarchy sunglasses will be the ideal choice. These are available with polarized and polycarbonate lens to provide maximum UV protection and eliminate glare. Besides that, they are made with durable and lightweight frames in zyl and metal styles.

simply cool anarchy sunglasses

Different types of Sunglasses Frames

The most common types of sunglass frames include:

  • Rimless or frameless – These are the preferred choice for those who want lightweight frames and slim lines without the rims going around the lenses.
  • Half frame – These types only go around half the lens, mainly on the top section.
  • Full frame – The sunglasses frames surround the lenses completely.

Frames of Sunglasses to Match Your Face Shape

The frame shape must be the opposite of your facial shape so that it can soften and complement your natural features.

  • Square face – Choose wide oval or round frames.
  • Round faceRectangular or square-like frames will balance your face shape.
  • Heart shape face – The rimless/frameless and semi-rimless types will complement your face.
  • Oval face – You will not have any problems finding sunglasses to match your face shape, any style and frame will fit perfectly.
  • Long – The semi-rimless frames will suit your long face just fine.
  • Oblong face – Get taller square sunglasses with wide frames.

Hopefully, these information will help you find the right sunglasses to match your style and provide the best protection for your eyes. It’s always a good idea to try different styles personally to find the right sunglasses to match your face shape.

Fashion Glasses

Fashion Glasses Generation

Fashion glasses have become common in the present generation. It is believed that fashion glasses define a man. It is no wonder fashion glasses business is booming. From celebrities to locals, you will not go a few strides before you spot someone in a pair. In the past, glasses were worn by people with visual impairment. The recent fashion trends have proven that glasses can indeed be worm as an accessory to match your outfit.

Fabulous anarchy sunglasses

One of the most common brands around are the Anarchy sunglasses. They are so common you will spot people on the beaches, driving around in their their car and even when walking. The most amazing thing about the Anarchy glasses is their prices. You can either get the polarized or the unpolarized versions. The polarized ones retail at only $65-$75 while the unpolarized version is between $45 and $50. In the real sense, the most expensive Anarchy sun glasses are not above $75.

Distinguishing Features of Fashion Glasses

stunning fashion glasses for women

Some of the common features on these fashion glasses for women and men include:

  • They are all made from light weight nickel alloys or nylon. This makes them very comfortable.
  • They are some of the glasses with the strongest hinges.
  • All the Anarchy sunglasses lenses, whether polarized or not are 100% protective against the harmful rays of the sun.
  • They are made from the best quality optic material.
  • They are durable and strong. Accidents happen and always will. You can drop them on concrete or even accidentally sit on them, and the lenses will not even scratch.
  • They are recommended for people who have recently undergone laser surgery. You can use this fashion glass for the few days before your eyes recover with ease and comfort. They will offer you excellent protection to your light sensitive eyes.

good fashion reading glasses

If you have to wear glasses when reading and the glasses you currently wear are outdated, you can upgrade with fashion reading glasses. They come in the latest fashion and with a variety of designer frames you can choose from. The best thing is that you can find fashion reading glasses that are affordable and very durable. You can get the ones with full frames or the rimless glasses. The advantage of the rimless is the flexibility and their lightweight. You will almost forget you have a pair on. Say goodbye to the old fashion reading glasses and adorn yourself with the new generation fashion reading glasses.

cool fashion glasses for men

Fashion glasses for men are the craze in town. Every man is spotted in a pair. They come in different frame sizes and color. If you are a man and you are looking for a fashionable way to accessorize your outfit, then you need to get yourself a pair of fashion glasses for men. They can be worn to the office or to a social function. They come in authentic designers from the most expensive to the least expensive. You will not lack a pair that suits your style. Your outfit is not complete without a pair of fashion glasses. You can get the fashion glasses from different stores in town and at affordable prices.

Mens Sunglasses

The Best Types Of Mens Sunglasses

Mens designer sunglasses are very stylish and they come in many shapes and colors. To get the best of the designer sunglasses, one has to consider what suits them best and the best color for their outfit. Good sunglasses will always accentuate your sophisticated look rather than looking out of place. Certain types of sunglasses will normally look good on certain face shapes and features and some will not. In order to know what sunglasses types work for your face, you can try several on or you can ask experts to help you choose.

Best mens designer sunglasses

Men’s Sun Glasses Variations

There are several types of mens sunglasses that will look good if worn with any outfit. These are:

  • Mens Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators have been the most popular sunglasses types for a long time. The fact that they are peculiar in shape makes them unique and very desirable. Almost all Hollywood stars will one time or the other be spotted wearing aviators. The famous brands such as Ray Ban and Coach know this and so they capitalize on this type by making the best mens sunglasses in this category and providing a lot to choose from. One can get mens aviator sunglasses in almost any color both for the frames and the lens.

awesome mens aviator sunglasses

  • Anarchy Sunglasses

    Mens anarchy sunglasses are also very popular especially for formal wear. The best thing about anarchy sunglasses is their ability to blend in with any outfit and still look dazzling. You may wear them with a tux or with casual jeans wear and they will still look equally gorgeous. There is no doubt that this is the most desirable type of mens sunglasses especially for the men who love looking stylish all the time. They have polarized lenses that keep away the harmful ultraviolet rays. One can get these for all brands especially the popular ones like Ray Ban and Armani.

Popular Anarchy sunglasses

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses

    These are the most common types of lens for mens sunglasses and they are generally not very popular. Their design is not really something new as they look like ordinary eyeglasses. However, almost every brand will have these in stock for those people who like simple fashion. They are very common and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are very diverse in color and style though and many designers will always have their own version of the same. They are still worth a try especially if they are good looking ones.

  • Mens Round Sunglasses

simply the best mens sunglasses

These are very gorgeous especially for the airport. They look every bit intriguing and mysterious and they are perfect for the celebrity look. Round mens sunglasses will normally come in many designs but they generally come out beautifully especially for men who have long faces. They will also look better under a fedora than will the other non-regular shaped sunglasses. For the people who enjoy being mysterious, the round sunglasses will normally conceal your face more and so one will have to keep guessing who you are. They are perfect for celebrities who want to go out without being spied on by paparazzi. They are the best mens sunglasses of all time.

Anarchy Sunglasses

Anarchy Sunglasses is an action sports focused line of sunglasses from sunglass mogul, FGX International. Sponsored and worn by some of the biggest names in surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and mixed martial arts, these sunglasses offer high-quality craftsmanship, affordable prices and an edgy design that is sure to set you apart from the crowd. With over 20 distinct collections of sunglasses from which to choose, Anarchy Sunglasses has a design that fits perfect for anyone.

Extreme Anarchy Sunglasses

One of the first things that set Anarchy Sunglasses apart from competitors is their distinct styling. From the classic aviator-style Anarchy Indie sunglasses collection to the retro appeal of the Anarchy Status sunglasses collection, these sunglasses are always sure to turn heads.

Features of Anarchy Sunglasses

These sunglasses do not just look great. They are built using the latest technologies and materials to ensure comfortable wear and a long lasting durability. Common characteristics in the Anarchy Sunglasses collection include:

best anarchy indie sunglasses

  • Reinforced lightweight frames – Whether you choose a pair of sunglasses with a nylon, handmade Italian Zyl or nickel silver frame, you can count on your sunglasses wherever you go. From the lenses to the nose grips, these sunglasses are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle.
  • Shatter-resistant lenses – Sometimes, that latest trick or dive for the ball does not go as planned. With the build quality and optical-grade shatter-resistant lenses in these glasses, you do not have to worry about your glasses adding injuries to the list.
  • Optical-grade lenses – Every pair of Anarchy Sunglasses includes optical-grade lenses with a bounty of innovative features. Lenses include 100% protection of both UVA and UVB rays for those long days under the sun. Scratch resistant coatings help keep your view clear of annoying nicks and scuffs while you are playing hard. Polarization reduces glare to provide improved vision and reduced eyestrain.

With big names, such as Brian Yoshino, Stu Graham and Atreyu backing Anarchy Sunglasses, you expect only the best. A quick look at an Anarchy Sunglasses review at major retailers confirms this. From their distinct styling to their superb clarity and resilience, people on the go love their Anarchy Sunglasses.

Helpful Anarchy sunglasses review

Anarchy Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

When it comes to choosing the best pair of sunglasses for your needs, there are a few things to consider. These sunglasses are not just for protecting your eyes, they are a fashion statement as well. When it comes to choosing a style, there are plenty of choices. The best place to start is choosing a frame type that complements your facial structure. These tips should help you get started in finding the ideal set of Anarchy Sunglasses for your face type:

  • Oval faces: An oval shape takes well to nearly any frame style. However, rectangular designs often work the best. Recommended models for oval faces include the Iniquity, Regent and Malice collections.
  • Square faces: When choosing the ideal frames for a square face, choosing a frame with curves can create an appealing look. Recommended models for square faces include the Rally, Transfer and Bedlam collections.
  • Round faces: By choosing an angular shaped frame for your round face type, you can add dimension and balance to your look. Recommended models for round faces include the Transfer, Blacken and Substitute collections.
  • Heart faces: This is one of the hardest face types to match. Choosing a frame with a low, sleek appearance can help balance your features. Recommended models for heart-shaped faces include the Callahan, Indie and Altercate collections.

Polarized anarchy status sunglasses

Anarchy Sunglasses combine performance and quality with style and technology. From people who have an active lifestyle to contemporary style mavens, they all have praises for Anarchy Sunglasses and their distinct features.