American Express Broadway Tickets

Do you want a credit card that rewards you just for spending money? Are you hoping that these rewards coincide with your interests? American Express credit cards can qualify theater lovers for American Express Broadway tickets. Shop and pay your bills with your AMEX card and get American Express tickets to fun events in return. If you’ve never been to Broadway, or Manhattan for that matter, American Express can help you get to your destination, stay in comfort and enjoy your trip.

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American Express Rewards

Theater tickets aren’t the only types of rewards you’ll be able to get with your credit card. You can also get points for shopping, dining and even travel. Turn your trip to Broadway into a shopping event with American Express rewards.

  • American Express Rewards work on a points system. For every dollar you spend using your credit card, you’ll get one point or more in return. Certain companies and brands that have a deal with American Express can get you double the points you’d rack up otherwise.
  • Save up your points and redeem them for rewards.
  • Pay for American Express Broadway tickets in full or partially with rewards points.
  • The points advance system lets you get rewards now even if you haven’t earned them yet.

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Theatre Tickets

  • Simply for being an American Express user, you may be able to get preferred seating for certain events and Broadway shows. Get as close to the action as possible thanks to your credit card company.
  • American Express Broadway tickets will put you in the seat for popular plays and musicals as well as new shows that recently made it to the stage.
  • Traditional Broadway plays include Mary Poppins, Death of a Salesman and The Lion King.
  • Unique plays like Sister Act: The Musical, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark and The Book of Mormon are also available for rewards points.

Are you using your American Express Broadway tickets as an excuse to spend a weekend in New York City? You may be able to get much more than theater tickets with your American Express credit card. American Express rewards don’t just cover the cost of the theater ticket. If you’re flying into New York City and staying at a hotel for a few days, your AMEX rewards can help pay for your flight, hotel room and amenities, and even a good pampering experience. Make an entire weekend out of it with American Express rewards.

American Express Rewards

If you own an American Express credit card, chances are you’re familiar with the American Express rewards system. However, you may want to learn the ins and outs of American Express tickets and other rewards to make sure you’re getting the most out of your card. While most credit card companies offer some sort of rewards to their users, the American Express rewards system has every perk, from vacationing to shopping.

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American Express Points

You may also be looking into signing up for your next credit card and wondering which company offers the best rewards.

  • For every dollar you spend on your American Express card, you’ll get one rewards point. The more often you use your American Express credit card, the more rewards you’ll get in return.
  • Save up your points to redeem them for rewards later on.
  • American Express rewards doesn’t have an expiration date, so you can save them up for years before cashing them in.
  • There isn’t any rewards points cap.
  • By purchasing items from certain companies or shopping for particular brands, you can multiply the amount of points you earn per dollar. American Express partners up with companies to entice shoppers to buy certain brands.
  • By using the Points Advance option, you can get points now before you even earn them.

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Types of Rewards

While different cards offer different kinds of rewards, most rewards fall into the same categories: dining, entertainment, shopping and travel.

Shopping and Dining Rewards

  • Redeem rewards points to get tickets for sporting events like tennis and ice skating.
  • Purchase tickets to see live music using your American Express rewards.
  • Rewards can be redeemed for special holiday dinners, like on Valentine’s Day.
  • American Express partners with companies to offer exclusive, limited-time rewards for certain brands.

Entertainment and Travel Rewards

  • Travel rewards can be used on just about any airline.
  • Aside from flights, you can also use American Express points to book hotel rooms and get hotel amenities, like spa treatments.
  • Modes of travel other than air travel can be paid for with rewards points. For example, you can take a cruise and pay for your ticket with American Express points.
  • You don’t need the full amount of rewards points to pay for travel. You can pay for your travel and accommodations partially with your rewards points and partially with your own money or credit. Ease the price of a big ticket item with rewards points from American Express.

Tickets For Sale

You can now buy tickets for sale by taking the help of classified online websites. These websites offer a number of great deals to the clients. There are, however, many points to be kept in mind whenever you buy tickets for sale online. Ticket scams on online websites have increased considerably. You need to be quite alert while buying cheap tickets for sale from the online websites.

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Safety Measures When Purchasing Tickets Online

Suppose you are interested in purchasing event tickets for sale, such as concert tickets, the following tips would prove to be quite helpful to you:

1.)    Never buy very cheap tickets for sale from unknown sources.

As a customer, you would always go for websites that are offering you very good deals. Never buy from websites that offer tickets for sale at very low prices. It is a very common misconception that the scammer will swindle customers for many dollars. Even if a scammer earns about $50 only, it is still an addition to what he had before. For instance, if tickets of an event cost $150, then never expect those tickets would be available to you for just $50. If such is the case, then you are definitely falling in the trap of a scammer.

2.)    Avoid purchasing tickets when desperate.

When you desperately require tickets for sale, that is the time when scammers take maximum advantage of you. For instance, you very badly desire to attend a show whose tickets have already been sold out or you have already made a promise to your son that you would take him to one of his favourite concerts. Making such kind of promises beforehand would only land you in trouble and make you overlook all warning signs.

3.)    Prefer purchasing tickets locally.

When you are searching classified online websites in order to get event tickets for sale, local sellers should be preferred. If you choose local sellers, then you can easily go and see the seller yourself, inspect your tickets, and finally make a payment in cash to the seller for the tickets.

However, never go in for sellers claiming themselves to be local sellers who are currently not present in town and asking you to send them the money in return for the tickets. This is a clear sign of a trap.

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4.)    Always remember that images can be easily altered.

A variety of pictures are uploaded by online sellers to gain the confidence of the consumers. You should be aware that an event ticket picture is always nice, but that doesn’t confirm the fact that ticket being put up for sale is also real. Images that are posted online can be very easily manipulated. Just inspect pictures and images for clear signs of tampering. That should warn you of a scam.

5.)    Personal inspection of tickets for sale is necessary.

Fake tickets can be easily detected. Attention should be paid to small things such as checking the venue, date, as well as time mentioned on the given ticket.

You can have a lot of fun by attending a wide range of music concerts and shows in your city. New York especially is quite famous for such live music concerts. You would obviously want to attend tickets to the best concerts at reasonable prices before the tickets get sold out. American Express provides you with tickets for sale at special discount rates. American Express tickets provide you with tickets for sale online. All you need to do is possess an AMEX credit card to avail of the latest discounts available on tickets for sale.

Buy Tickets Online

Thanks to the modern technologies of the internet, it has given a new dimension to our life by making it much more convenient. This especially holds true when you have to buy tickets for going to sporting events, theatre performances, or concerts, as you can now easily buy tickets online.

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Buying Tickets Then and Now

PREVIOUSLY, you had to keep standing in long queues in order to obtain tickets for some major event and also keep praying that the tickets to the events did not sell out completely before your turn came to buy the tickets. The wait has, however, been eliminated by the internet technology and the various ticket vendors online.

NOW, all the sports fans, theatre aficionados, as well as the music lovers can conveniently buy tickets online. It is also not very difficult to learn how to buy tickets online. Ticket sales online can be accessed by the ticket buyers 24/7 with the help of just a simple mouse click. Buyers have to just visit a ticket source online, choose their ticket, and then simply buy it. The ticket source will email, deliver or ship the ticket to the buyer in very less time. Sometimes, the sports fan or concert goer is also allowed to select the exact seat by having a look at the venue map. Some ticket vendors online also make available tickets to prospective buyers to events that have been sold out.

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Buying Your Tickets Online

A number of ways are available through which you can buy cheap tickets online. Suppose you need to buy lift tickets. In such a case, purchasing tickets from the site of the particular ski resort would be the best available option. It is always advisable to remain updated about all such places, which are offering discounts on the admission price to various snowboard and ski resorts in order to maintain a balance on your budget.

There are other ways by which you can buy cheap tickets online. All you need to do is decide where to buy tickets online. Deals which offer trading of reward points in order to buy tickets online are offered to you by American Express. American Express ranks amongst some of the famous names doing the rounds of industry for credit cards.

You can avail plenty of benefits with the help of American Express tickets. With the American Express, all the latest shows and events can be accessed by you through Ticketmaster, which is the business partner of American Express. You would be able to purchase tickets even before they have been released. To put it short, American Express provides all its customers with a VIP treatment even when they buy tickets online.

American Express Tickets

As one of the world’s leading credit card brands, American Express has become some sort of symbol of privilege and sophistication. And, well, purchasing power. The company does not stop at providing more innovative financial services to its customers, all for the sake of convenience and making life a little better and American Express tickets are no exception.

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You can probably consider American Express tickets as your “pass” to some of the most exciting entertainment options any city has to offer. Take New York, for example, with its astounding array of concert venues, Broadway musicals, plays, sports games such as basketball and football.

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Where to Find American Express Tickets

  • Online: many websites, especially those that engage in concerts, themed resorts, or Broadway plays, offer American Express tickets presale opportunities. If you are unsure of any specific website, any cursory online search can fetch you dozens or hundreds of good leads. Some of the best known online American Express ticket sellers are Ticketmaster and Broadway World. You can also go directly to the official website of American Express, under the Entertainment category, and you’ll find what you need there.
  • Offline points of sale: If you do decide to just swing by at some nearby theater or concert without checking seating availability online, you can still get American Express tickets perks at the counter. American Express regularly launches new features for their card holders in partnership with certain entertainment establishments. Purchasing an annual pass at the Universal Orlando Resort using your American Express card, for example, automatically earns you exclusive access to its American Express Lounge, where you can relax and enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks, topped with a full-time concierge service

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American Express discount tickets can also allow card holders exclusive discount opportunities. For instance, if you are with a large group of people who want to see a Cirque du Soleil show, you may enjoy certain discounts and pre-arranged seating options to ensure you get the most fun out of the experience. You simply do not get that if you just suddenly swing by at a nearest Cirque du Soleil performance and buy tickets at the counter.

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Moreover, American Express tickets Broadway gives you the exclusive privilege of enjoying the seats you prefer, at any theater on Broadway that shows your favorite theatrical performance. On Broadway alone, it would take you weeks on end to see each of the current theatrical performances being offered, which include all-time hits such as Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, The Book of Mormon, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Ghost the Musical. Indeed, when it comes to “exclusive privileged entertainment”, American Express tickets deliver the goods, and so much more.