A Beginner’s Guide to Socket Set

What mechanic tool has some of the biggest impact to the overall efficiency of a mechanic’s work? A good quality socket set is a must-have tool in every mechanic’s vehicle repair kit. The ultimate reason behind this is that it allows for easy replacement and removal of certain types of fasteners like Torx fittings, bolts and nuts where most of them are in places that are too tight for standard spanners or in areas where the nuts or bolts are snatched and the spanner falls loose.

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What to Look Out For

Typically, a socket set consists of different wrench heads that are made to fit bolts in various sizes. If you are in the market for a craftsman socket set or socket wrench set, here are the basic qualities you should look for.

  • Good quality alloy – An alloy is a combination of steel and other materials placed under high heat in order to form a very durable end product. As for socket sets, low alloy is commonly used to ensure top quality and durable construction . When choosing, always make sure that the set is made from good materials that can withstand even the toughest jobs.
  • Right size – Another important quality of a decent socket set is having the right size. Most socket sets are measured in inches while others come in metrics. In some cases, both units of measurements are being used. When selecting, it is best to determine the car’s manufacturer beforehand since US cars typically use inches on fasteners while foreign models are usually measured in metrics.

craftsman socket set

  • Heavy Duty Capacity – If you are looking for socket sets with heavy duty capabilities, then an impact socket set is your best bet. Exclusively made for electric power or air impact tools, impact sockets can withstand even the most strenuous tasks and can be utilized along with specialized accessories like universal joints, extension, and adapters. Like impact sockets, these accessories can also keep up with extreme stress.
  • Warranty – A good brand of socket sets come with parts that are backed by reasonable warranties. Be sure to ask for warranty as this guarantees the superior quality of the product.

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Because not all of them are created equal, you will need to be cautious when purchasing your own socket set. Like other products, always settle for nothing but the best by choosing only from reputable brands like Allen wrench set. In this manner, you will not only enjoy an easy operation, but will reap the amazing benefits of a long lasting wrench set as well.

Must Have Effective Hand Tools List

Have you ever tried using a hand tool to do a certain task and ended up injuring yourself? Or have you ever used a hand tool to fix a problem only you to make it worse? The effective hand tools list is designed to show you the various hand tools that are commonly used either at home or at the workshop, and how to use them effectively. In most cases, accidents arising from the use of hand tools are caused by the failure to use them properly as recommended.

effective hand tools list

Popular And Effective Hand Tools List

Whether you want to start on a project whether at home or at the workshop, here are the tools that you are almost sure to use. And how you can use them safely and effectively to complete your tasks.

  • Measuring Tape

When you need to take exact measurements, the measuring tape is the way to go. So, before you cut that piece of metal or wood, ensure that it is exact to the required measurement.

  • Squares

Squares and levels are used together to strike balance. This balance is crucial in ensuring the stability of your woodwork project. Otherwise, an off balance item collapses with the slightest weight on it. The square also allows you to make perfect Right-angles and 45-degree angles.

  • Screwdrivers

There are two standard versions of the screwdrivers that you ought to have, the flathead and the Phillips style head. The application of screwdrivers is almost universal. You cannot afford to be without this effective hand tool.

  • Hammer

Contrary to what many people believe, hammers are actually among the most versatile hand tools that you can ever have. They are widely used for tasks such as driving in nails, breaking hard materials apart, prying out nails and generally most hammering tasks. However, you are advised to choose your hammer type accordingly.

  • Wrenches

Wrenches are used for fastening and loosening of bolts and nuts of various sizes. The adjustable ones are more versatile than the open-end. However, both are available in various sizes. The Allen wrench set, needless to say, ought not to miss in your hand tool kit.

  • Coping Saw

This is a good example of a cutting tool that’s used to cut wood to precise measurements. Other types of saws that are used for this same purpose include the pull saw, compass saw and the hand saw.

  • Drill and Drill Bits

Drills and drill bits are inseparable hand tools. Together, they are used to drill holes in walls, windows and sometimes even to drive in screws.

allen wrench set

Benefits Of Using Effective Hand Tools

Hand tools are preferred over power tools because of these reasons. They are easily manipulated by the use of hands, offering you great precision. Such hand tools such as chisels must be operated manually.

Also, hand tools give you the chance to use your skills. With power tools, almost anybody can easily operate.


For safe use of hand tools, you have to ensure that you are wearing the right safety equipment. Such equipment includes hand gloves, safety boots and safety goggles. Then, always have a functional first aid kit around your work area always, just in case an accident happens.

Before you store your hand tools in a hand tool kit, ensure they are oiled and dry. Oiling keeps them safe from rust and increases their useful lifespan. Make sure to also have a copy of the effective hand tools listed above to be your guide.

Important Facts About Allen Wrench Sets

Ever wondered how the allen wrench came to be? Allen is a brand of hand tools owned by a U.S. based company called the Apex Tool Group. They are most widely known for their hex key wrenches, particularly the allen wrench Set.

allen wrench set

An Allen wrench setis basically a set of Allen wrenches or keys (also known as Hex keys). An Allen wrench is a hexagonal shaped cross-section tool. These tools are mainly used to fasten the bolts and screws that have a hexagonal shaped socket in the head. These wrenches are designed in such a way that they are small, lightweight, and really simple to use.

A basic Allen wrench comprises of six sides, thus assisting the user in getting a more firm grip when turning a screw or a bolt which have six sides as well. However, there are many other Allen wrench socket sets available in the market that enables you to attach different types of heads on the wrench.


The Allen Wrenches can be broadly classified into following two types:

  • L-Key Allen Wrench
  • T-Handle Allen Wrench

The most popular Allen productis the 30 piece L-Key Allen Set. As the name suggests, it is a toolset which contains 30 different types of Allen wrenches. Out of which, 15 are SAE Allen wrenches, and the remaining are metric. Using the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard, the wrenches in this set range from 0.035 inches and go up to as long as 3/8 inches. Whereas the metric Allen wrench setstarts from 0.7 millimeters and go up to 10.0 millimeters. These wrenches are also known as L-Key wrenches, mainly due to the fact that they are L-shaped. The production and manufacturing cost of these wrenches are very minimal, thus these wrench set are available at a very cheap rate.

t handle allen wrench set

Available Sizes

A 30 piece wrench set includes wrenches of the following sizes:

SAE Standard:

  • 0.028 inches
  • 0.035 inches
  • 0.05 inches
  • 1/16 inches
  • 5/64 inches
  • 3/32 inches
  • 7/64 inches
  • 1/8 inches
  • 9/64 inches
  • 5/32 inches
  • 3/16 inches
  • 7/32 inches
  • 1/4 inches
  • 5/16 inches
  • 3/8 inches

Metric Standard:

  • 0.7 mm
  • 0.9 mm
  • 1.3 mm
  • 1.5 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 2.5 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 4 mm
  • 4.5 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 5.5 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 7 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm

These types of wrenches are most commonly used to drive the bolts and screws on motorcycles, bicycles, and furniture assemblies.

metric allen wrench set

Another popular Allen product is the 10 piece T Handle Allen Wrench Set. Its working is quite similar to that of L-Key Allen Wrench Set. The only major difference is that the T-Handle wrench set offers a much better grip than the L-key wrench. As the name suggests, a T-Handle wrench is shaped in the form of a “T”. The 10 piece T-Handle Wrench set consists of following wrenches:

  • 3/32 inches
  • 7/64 inches
  • 1/8 inches
  • 9/64 inches
  • 5/32 inches
  • 3/16 inches
  • 7/32 inches
  • 1/4 inches
  • 5/16 inches
  • 3/8 inches

These T-shaped wrenches are mainly used for fittings, machinery, and other high-torque applications.

The Allen Wrench Set can be purchased either offline by visiting your local tool shop, or one may also easily purchase it online on shopping portals such as Amazon, eBay, and many others.

Various Advantages Of Hex Key Tools

What are the advantages of hex key tools? The hex key tools that’s together form the Allen wrench set, are a set of six-sided tools that are used to drive screws and bolts, which have a special design to fit these keys. They derive their popular name from their six-sided shape, and from the company that manufactures them; the Allen Company in Connecticut.

advantages of hex key tools

Who Needs To Use The Hex Keys?

Due to their unique shape and size, the application of these hex keys is highly specific. This is one of the ways in which they differ with other types of tools for this kind of job. The hex keys are only functional in situations where:

  • The bolt to be fastened or loosened is hex key. This is the kind that has a six-sided kind of hole.
  • The situation allows for the use of only such bolt, and not any other.
  • The materials to be used, say in the construction, inform the type of bolt to be used
  • Is the bolt required to go through other material making it hard to fasten it on the sides? If so, hex bolt is recommended.
  • Is the bolt too small that most standard wrenches wouldn’t fit?
  • Then, if the fastening bolt needs to be in flush with other material around it, then look no further than the hex bolt

allen wrench set

Advantages Of Hex Key Tools

What are the benefits of hex key tools over other tools that are used for the same purpose of fastening and loosening of bolts and nuts? Here are some of the common ones.

  • Due to their availability even in extremely small sizes means they can be used even in situations where the bolts to be used are too small to be handled with normal wrenches.
  • Allen keys also have ball-ends for precision
  • Its six contact points also ensure a tight grip and allows for effective screw turning
  • Versatility of the Allen keys is unmatched as they can be used with various types of screws and bolts. For instance, the recessed screw heads is protected from external damage.
  • They are cheaper than their ordinary counterparts.
  • Due to their sheer small size, they are easily carried in tool kits even on bicycles.
  • The Allen keys, as to their availability? You can be sure to get them in most local hardware stores.

Conclusion On The Advantages Of Hex Key Tools

The Allen key set features the various sizes of these handy keys. With their distinct L-shape, they are anyone’s choice for working even on constricted spaces such as between pieces of furniture or car part.

Once securely put in place, you turn the clockwise or anticlockwise using a lever, depending on whether you want to fasten or loosen. One final thing about the hex keys, the hex bolts and their advantage is that you can safely use them in the situations that require a little more security. Since, it takes nothing less than the appropriate Allen key to loosen a fastened hex bolt.