Different Classes Of Air Filters

An air filter is made from fibrous materials. An air filter’s job is to remove things such as pollen, mold, dust and even bacteria. Air filters are used in many different things such as engines and ventilation systems in homes and industrial buildings. There are many classes of air filters. Read on to find out what some of the classes of air filters are and what the best ones to get.

Classes Of Air Filters

  • HEPA air filters are one of the classes of air filters that are used in items such as vacuum cleaners, engines of cars and even on air planes. There are 8 different classes of HEPA air filters available.
  • Furnace filters are also one of the classes of air filters and they take out the bigger particles in homes or industrial buildings and purify the air.

different classes of air filters

  • Oxidizers are a class of air filter that are used for ozone generators for example. They are essentially used to take out VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) out of the air.
  • UV_C light is another one the classes of air filters used in sun beds for example to keep the air clean when tanning, as the air will become very hot and humid skin becomes sweaty which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Air filtration can be a very costly, but essential piece of engineering needed for a large percentage of people. Whether it is for prevention or relief of health conditions or safety in the workplace, it is important for you to know and recognize what filter best suits your needs. Here are some examples of the best types of filters that can be found.

Best Types Of Filters

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  • Merv 11 Trion air bear replacement filters remove many particles; in fact it can remove up to 91% of airborne particles. It removes smog and dust as well as dust mites and mold spores. Pet dander and pollen are also removed. The Merv 11 Trion Air Filter is available in 4 different sizes. This air filter is one of the best air filters on the market today. It is also inexpensive.
  • The Air Bear Supreme 2000 Media Filter is another good air filter by Air Bear. The 2000 Media Filter comes in a variety of sizes. The filter is very effective and can trap extremely small particles, even as small as one micron. One of the best things about this filter is that it can hold a large amount of dirt. The Supreme 2000 holds more dirt than most other filters that are on the market today. This is possible because of the extended surface pleats. Installing it is extremely easy and can be done within seconds. The filter does an excellent job keeping the air clean.

There are many different types of air filters on the market today. Finding good quality filters can be hard. Many people end up buying filters that do not work properly or they simply do not last for a long time. People who want affordable but quality air filters should check out air bear filters. Air Bear makes the best filters that money can buy and they can be found in many different retailers.

Uses For Air Filters

A preventive action for air pollution is air purification or air filtering. Air filtering is practiced by using air filters that remove the unwanted particles from the air by significant amounts and the uses of air filters extend beyond purification. This conclusion may lead people to ask what are the uses of air filters.

Domestic Uses Of Air Filters

Air filters are devices that function as air purification devices in order to help with the cleansing of the atmosphere. They are used in such places where the need for quality air far exceeds that in the normal atmosphere. The uses of air filters are however not limited to purification. They are also used to help with the prevention of the transference of airborne diseases thus providing huge medical benefits along with health care and prevention. They are now also being employed in the modern refrigerators to prevent the spread of odor from one shelf to the other. This is because the odor of a particular item spreads with the air. Thus, if an efficient is purification system is installed, then this problem can also be minimized or even eliminated altogether.

the different uses for air filters

Industrial Uses Of Air Filters

There are also other uses of air filters besides medical and domestic uses. They are also employed in industries to help regulate air flow and to ensure that the air that is used to drive their machinery is pure. Since the industrial applications are more exposed to problems, an efficient and sturdy air purification system has to be used in order to ensure that the air being delivered to the machine is pure. The uses of air filters are in no way limited to air purification but are the back bone of the steel industry and the coal power industry, which employ large boilers and heat exchangers. Heat exchangers help to maintain the temperature by properly regulating the air. However the air that is regulated has to be pure to an extreme extent. A small impurity o the order of 1 micron reduces the efficiency heavily.

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Quality Of Air Filters

The best air filters that are available in the market are Air Bear filters. Although there are a lot of variety available but seldom work as quietly and as effectively as the Air Bear’s filters. They employ the use of carbon fiber parts that help to minimize the noise and heating element of the coolers in the air purification system thereby minimizing losses of the overall system and increasing the overall efficiency. An air purification system now serves as one of the fundamentals in an established industry because it serves as a preventive measure that helps to avoid accidents and losses and thus providing huge profits in the forms of savings.

Best Air Filter for Your Home

Just because you do not go out of the house often does not mean that you are already safe from the harmful effects of air pollution or even the littlest remnants of dust particles in the air that you breathe. Inside your home, you may also be exposed to dirty air if you are not able to avail and to use the best air filter. This can then lead to adverse effects to your general health, most especially if you have infants and children with you within your residence.

Using an Air Filter at Home

It is very important to use the best home air filter at all times to keep the air clean in your surroundings. This is especially crucial if you are a smoker or if you have smokers living with you. This is also necessary if you reside in an area where air pollution is widespread or if you are near factories, landfills, and other places that may emit harmful substances into the air.

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Air filters or purifiers come in different forms. Aside from the usual ones, you may also want to look for the best auto air filter and the best furnace air filter which are both very useful too. But when it comes to protecting your home from germs and other similar unsafe agents in the air, you should choose a good product that comes from a reliable company and is known for amazing and long-lasting performance.

Choosing the Best Air Filter

With the many providers of air filters nowadays, consumers can end up getting confused about which one to purchase. Hence, you should go over the best air filter considerations below when shopping for this particular product:

1. Maximum Functionality – Naturally, one of the most important considerations you must look into is the level of functionality. Having the best air filter means that you can be assured of clean and pure air at all times and you can enjoy this benefit for a long time. For maximum filtering, some brands such as Air Bear Filters make use of synthetic fibers which are a hundred percent electrostatically charged.

2. Easy and Efficient Installation – It is vital to also take into account how the air filter will be mounted or installed in your house. In the case of Air Bear filters, for example, they are directly instated into the heating and cooling system of the residence.

3. Superior Quality – You must go over reviews as well to find out which air filters are made of world-class materials and are known to be durable and enduring. When you check out the choices, be sure to ask about the materials used and even the technology employed.

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4. Outstanding Customer Service – It is not only the product itself that matters. There should also be impeccable customer service provided, so that customers are sure to refer to others and to keep coming back for the brand. Besides, installation and repair services are necessary.

5. Additional Features – Of course there are some extra features that several air filters offer in order to be considered the best air filter and to rise above the competition. For instance, you may encounter filters that have a pre-filter option to trap larger particles first. Others include systems that allow for longer use. Physical designs are also part of the package and sometimes offered as additional features to draw more customers closer.

In looking for the best air filter for your home, you should take into consideration these five important factors.

What Air Filter Reviews Say

Air filter reviews are in plenty, and they come in handy in assisting you to get the best product. If you are looking for the top rated air filter equipment, then you are in for a long list. Finding the best air purifier for your home can be tough especially if you are looking for a functional one. Reliability factors should come into place when looking for the air filter to buy. Air filters for the automotive can also be found in the review segment will help you find that high performing purifier for you automobile. These appliances have become must haves in every home today.

How Helpful Can Reviews Be?

  • Reviews don’t get all the credit they deserve and yet they have come a long way in helping individuals’ get the best products. Experts are known to make products to the best of their abilities, but most of the products have good sides and bad sides. Home air filter reviews on how effective the air filters are usually credible because consumers are mostly those who use this product

home air filter reviews

  • Many consumers who have often gotten the satisfaction from these products can help you make your decision. If an air purifier makes so much noise and is not suitable for a home, then it is not advisable to go get one. It can be difficult to get auto air filter reviews since in most cases you will come across biased reviews where people are out to ruin the reputation of a reliable brand like Air Bear Filters.
  • For furnace air filter reviews, you can check out manufacturers or retailers sites. The best furnace air filter is one that does not fall short of people’s expectation. The ratings by consumers are very informational. If a product has a lower and negative rating, then people will not go for it.
  • Your home needs to be cozy, and what better way to make it more inviting and refreshing than getting a quality air purifier. The home air filter reviews that include the performance and cost of the product are a common thing in the review section. If an air purifier fetches at a higher price, then the already existing consumers will name it. With the air filter reviews, you can never go wrong in terms of getting an increased and clear airflow in your home.

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What Are The Advantages Of Air Filters?

Air filters are of different kinds and their advantages vary:

  • The technology incorporated in them enables them to remove particles from the air. Through pre-filtration, you get to breathe clean, fresh air.
  • Air purifiers are not complex. They are designed in a manner where a certain part is replaceable after breakdown.
  • Per hour, the air changes in your home should be consistent. The air purifiers are designed to clean the air that circulates around and cleaning.
  • People with respiratory problems like asthma can be saved a great deal by air purifiers.

This is a simple guide on what air filter reviews say about the product. Still, the variations in types, makes and prices are huge. Compare and contrast the kinds of air purifiers available before you settle for one.

Advantages Of Air Bear Filters

Air bear filters are made by Trion IAQ, which is a part of Air System Components, Incorporated. It is a subsidiary company of Tomkins Building Products that is among the top manufacturer of ventilation and air distribution solutions in the world. Trion has been providing quality industrial, residential and commercial products that were designed specifically for producing safe, comfortable and clean indoor air environment. The company manufactures Trion air bear filters in its 263,000 square foot main headquarter in Sanford, North Carolina. The European, African and Middle East operations of the company are handled from Winnall Close, Winchester, UK. In 1998, Trion (Deutschland) GmbH was created so that the company can focus more on the European Market.

reliable Air Bear Filters

Air bear filters have made its mark on the market through superior quality, dependable performance and outstanding customer service. The company developed a degree of technical expertise that allowed for cost effective solutions and innovative products for the air cleaning issues of its customers all over the world. Air bear air filters can be found in homes, clubs, offices, factories, hospitals and even sea going vessels.

Advantages of Air Bear Furnace Filters

Air bear filters are mounted directly to the cooling and heating system in your home. They have a pre filter that is optional, which is engineered to trap larger particles like hair and lint. This optional feature allows the filter to have longer useful life.

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To be able to get maximum filtering, air bear filters use synthetic fibers that are 100 percent electrostatically charged. The fibers are combined with radial pleating to allow for minimum resistance. This unique combination makes the filter last longer, allowing you to change it less often, which in turn translates to bigger savings.

The optional charcoal filter should always be considered. Charcoal is great in trapping odors from pets, cooking and other general smells that are normal in a household. Once the air is cleaned, it is then re-circulated back into the house.

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The air bear furnace filter is a lot more efficient than an ordinary filter and it comes at an affordable price. It is rated at 8 to 12 MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a rating that has been designed by ASHRAE or American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, to compare the various air filters that are available on the market. If a filter has a higher rating, it is better at trapping large amount of minute particles that are bypassed by other filters. These are the same particles that result to health problems in humans.

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Your Quality Options

The most outstanding air cleaning products from Trion are the Trion Air Bear Supreme, Air Bear Right Angle and Air Bear Cub. Both the Supreme and the Cub are one piece 20 gauge cabinet wraparounds while the Right Angle is a space saving innovation that is well suited for instances where a 90 degree duct adapter is required. All air bear filters have a removable and washable pre filter that is optional.