How to Dispose Batteries Properly

Batteries provide convenient source of energy for our devices at home school, or workplace, but there will also come a time that you have to dispose them. When that time comes, we must know how to dispose batteries properly to avoid environmental problems that may arise from harmful metals present in batteries such as nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, alkaline, mercury, and lead acid. Knowing how to dispose batteries properly will not only save you, but also the environment.

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How to Dispose Batteries

1. Go online and visit the nation’s environmental resource website, the There, you will find all possible waste drop-off locations near your area.

2. In the website, type in the word “battery” and enter your city, state, or zip code in the dialog box provided.

3. From the list given on the site, select a center closest to you where you can dispose the batteries safely. Take note of the name, location, and contact numbers on the list.

4. Click the location closest to you to see what types of item they accept. If you are unsure how to properly handle your batteries, call them and ask for handling instructions.

5. Remove your dead batteries’ casing.

6. Each battery should be placed individually in a ziplock. If the batteries are corroded, wear a hand protector before handling them.

7. Take your dead or weak batteries in the waste drop-off location.

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How to Dispose Old Car Batteries

1. Talk to an automotive store representative and ask if you can get credit for your old battery. Most automotive stores that sell car batteries offer a credit if you have an old battery and you want to purchase a new one.

2. Look for metal recyclers that buy old car batteries and sell it to them. To find a metal recycler in your location, try searching on your local phone directory.

3. You should also consider recycling your old car battery. Nowadays, several cities have special facilities that exclusively receive toxic materials like car batteries. Ask your local government to find one.

How to Dispose Alkaline Batteries

1. Ask your local sanitation department regarding special pick up dates or if there is a waste drop-off location for hazardous materials in your area.

2. You can also throw your dead batteries in the trash can. There, your batteries are less likely to cause damage as trash has lower concentration of batteries. If you don’t have any other options yet, use your trash can.

3. If you are disposing too many batteries, segregate them in different containers before throwing them in the trash can. Doing this will prevent them from recharging.

4. Do not place or throw your batteries on fire. They may explode and cause injury to you and your surroundings.

5. Ask your local authorities where to dispose your batteries. Ways on how to dispose batteries are constantly changing and the authorities are the ones to know how the best ways of disposing them.

Additional Tip

Next time you need batteries, consider buying AA rechargeable batteries. Two AA nickel-cadmium alone can replace up to 600 disposable batteries. With AA rechargeable batteries, you will not only save money, you will save the environment.

Popular Types Of Batteries

In today’s world, batteries have become very popular with the increasing number of electronic gadgets. In a majority of shops around you, two types of batteries can be obtained widely, the primary or non-rechargeable battery, or the secondary or rechargeable battery.

A primary battery is built initially charged, but after powering your device for some time, it loses most of its charge, which cannot be regained. Unlike them, rechargeable batteries can be used for powering small electrical appliances. Once they go out, they can be charged again via a suitable charger connected to a wall outlet or your car output. They are very handy, light and portable and are compatible with almost any gadget lying around you. Also, these are known to save big on your battery costs, and prove fruitful in the long run. They are likewise are eco friendly, since they can be easily recycled.

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Which types of batteries should you buy for the best performance?

If you want to draw maximum power from your battery, it is always better to go for a rechargeable one since they support heavy current draw, without getting too much heated. Then again, there’s no issue about replacing it. It has to be replaced only after a good five hundred cycles of charging and discharging. Then, another thing to keep in mind is the capacity of the battery. The more the capacity, the longer it can go on a single charge. Capacities of most types of batteries are rated on the basis of milliampere hours and ampere – hours to rate the bigger ones used to power your car or inverter.

  • Nickel-Cadmium Batteries. 

Types of batteries are also segregated on the chemicals they contain, the most popular type being the nickel – cadmium battery. It is one of the AA rechargeable batteries, where AA stands for its size. An AA size battery is about the thickness of your thumb, and is the most widely seen around. From kid’s toys to tv remotes and electric toothbrushes, a nickel cadmium battery does it all. Nickel cadmium batteries contain anodes and cathodes of nickel and cadmium respectively, and an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide 80%. Each nickel cadmium battery can deliver from about 200 to 1200 mAh. A 1000 mAh is typically a battery, which can supply 1000 milliamperes of current for an hour, or 500 mA for two hours, and so on.

  • Metal Hydride Batteries.

Metal hydrides are a more powerful type of AA rechargeable battery, and contain sodium or potassium dry hydrides as the electrolyte and lead and lead oxide for the anode and cathode respectively. They are heavier but more powerful, each capable of delivering 800 – 3600 mAh. Mainly used for powering wireless landlines, cameras and video recorders.

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  • Lithium Polymer Batteries

Lithium polymers are the most recent types of batteries, and they have lithium anodes with fullerene compounds as the electrolyte. Fullerenes are big hollow carbon football shaped compounds, and can trap and move metal ions from one electrode to another, resulting in the current flow. They are lightweight, and used for heavy duties like army robots, rovers, bomb detectors, quadcopters, and lightweight machinery. They are not widely seen, but can rarely be found in an AA, or a button cell packing. They are rechargeable and power ratings of AA types can range from 300 to 3000 mAh.

  • Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are non rechargeable, and their anodes and cathodes made of zinc and carbon respectively. Most of the batteries you throw away after using constitute this type. It can be used to power toys, remotes and clocks. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Lead Acid Batteries

Finally, the lead acid type battery. It is the one that powers your car or inverter, and is the most heavy duty rechargeable battery. It contains lead and lead dioxide anodes and cathodes, and concentrated sulphuric acid as the electrolyte. Size can range from a shoebox size to an entire house, and its power ranges from 5 to 25,000 Ah.

List of the Best Rechargeable Batteries

The uses of batteries are important in powering various devices that we are using. It is ideal to opt for the best rechargeable batteries available in the market today. Unlike the disposable batteries, opting for the rechargeable batteries has a longer life span. They are also cost efficient and you can expect savings on your part. You will even acquire better results if you will use the best aa rechargeable batteries in the market.

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Top Rechargeable Batteries

If you are wondering what are the best rechargeable batteries are, here are some of the best rechargeable batteries that you should use.

  • Eneloop – this is a brand of NiMH rechargeable battery manufactured by Sanyo. They are completely charged once you take them out of the box. Provides a 2000 mAh and can be charged a thousand times. Even after a year, Eneloop can sustain as much as 90% of their charge. On the other hand, it requires four hours of charging, so you will need extra packs of newly recharged cells whenever you need to use your devices.
  • Hybrio – it is a hybrid NiMH battery manufactured by Uniross. It offers 2100 mAh and offers a measured discharging period. You can recharge the Hybrio cell up to 500 times. It can sustain up to 70% of its charge after a year of use.
  • Delkin – it is one of the extensive running rechargeable batteries present in the market. It offers 2900 mAh and can be recharged up to a thousand times as well as a slow drain. This NiMH rechargeable battery is manufactured by Ansmann. It is the best choice that you can rely on for long use even in the devices that utilizes a lot of power.
  • Duracell – one of the popular brands of alkaline based batteries present in the market. It offers 2650 mAh and you can charge it up to 500 times. It sustains 80% of its actual charge after a year of use and only takes up to 30 minutes to fully charge them. It is one of the best aa rechargeable batteries available.

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Helpful Guides for Rechargeable Batteries

In order to get the most out of the best rechargeable aa batteries, there are certain guidelines that you should be aware of.

  • You should use the proper battery charger. You can use the universal, high capacity centralized charging unit or a number of portable units or both.
  • Ensure that the charger you use is automatic and instantly changes to slow charging once the rechargeable batteries are fully charged. This helps preserve the batteries in superior state and thwarts charging too long.
  • The charger you will use must never burn the batteries since it can shorten their lifespan.
  • Avoid running the batteries completely empty.
  • Always have spare batteries in hand.

By choosing the best rechargeable batteries in the market for your needs, you are assured of a long life span. You no longer need to pack on a lot of disposable batteries anymore. With the tips on how to make the most out of your best rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy using your devices for a long time.

Rechargeable Batteries Review

With this rechargeable batteries review, you will be provided with details on what to look out for when choosing the best rechargeable batteries. There is a lot of rechargeable AA batteries review to check before choosing one in the market today. You have to take note that a rechargeable battery can be recharged and used numerous times.

What is mAh?

In any rechargeable batteries review, it includes everything you need to know about them. If you are wondering what mAh is, it stands for milli Amp hour. This is the measure of the energy storage capability of the battery. Take note that a battery with a higher mAh rating, the more electrical energy it is capable of storing. Various kinds of batteries utilize different methods when measuring the mAh, thus contrasting the mAh score of a particular type of battery is not always significant. In general, the mAh rating is a fast way to evaluate the general energy storing capability of a particular battery to another of the matching type.

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Understanding the Recharging Process

You have to take note of the recharging process of these AA rechargeable batteries as part of this rechargeable batteries review.

  • With rechargeable batteries, they perform again successive sequence of charging and discharging, which are built on the reverse capability of the elemental responses of the components that are electrolytic of the batteries.
  • For the cycle of charging and discharging to be initiated, a calculated quantity of electric charge passes through the battery with the use of charger device.
  • The current results to the changeable feedback of components that is electrolytic.
  • On the other hand, they can only be revitalized and utilized a number of times until the chemicals within the battery are already dwindling to generate discharge energy.
  • Based on the kind of rechargeable battery, you have various types of charges that can be used for recharging.

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The alkaline batteries are available in rechargeable types based on rechargeable batteries AA review.  It has a standard electric capability of 1.5 volts as well as 900 up to 1155 mAh. You can also acquire the parallel production from a NiMH rechargeable battery. It can amass a flow up to 1000 mAh and provides a production of 1.2 volts.

High Capacity NiMH Batteries

With the AA rechargeable batteries review, you have to take note of important features since the rechargeable batteries that are NiMH provide higher capacities, they are more preferred by consumers. Aside from that, NiMH rechargeable batteries do not suffer from the memory effects such as Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

With this rechargeable batteries review, you now have knowledge about these rechargeable batteries that are the main choice if you do not want to use the disposable batteries.

All About AA Rechargeable Batteries

AA rechargeable batteries may have been known to the general public for quite some time but only a few knowwhat it really is. Thus, if you are trying to find the best rechargeable aa batteries in the market, it would be wise to educate yourself first on what it is. First of all, there are various kinds of rechargeable batteries and they can be classified according to their composition. If you heard about rechargeable Lithium aa batteries, this means that they are made from Lithium. Other materials that are used in rechargeable batteries are carbon zinc, zinc bromide, lead acid, alkaline and nickel combinations. A new innovative kind of rechargeable battery is composed of Lithium ion, which allowed the batteries to last twice as long as ordinary batteries. However, these are only a small fraction of the vast number of batteries that have been made, although consumers are very familiar with Lithium and alkaline batteries that have been the trademark of a number of big companies in recent years.

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Important Terminologies Used in AA Rechargeable Batteries

  • AA  – This is the standard size in batteries, which is usually utilized in portable devices.
  • mAH – This means milliampere-hours. It measures the amount of current that is produced by the battery, multiplied by the number of hours needed to produce the required energy. The higher the mAH, the longer is the duration of the battery.
  • C – The overall capacity of the battery
  • NiCD – Nickel Cadmium
  • NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Li-Ion – Lithium Ion

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Nature, Charging and Disposal of AA Rechargeable Batteries

Best AA rechargeable batteries are composed of more than a single cell. There is a secondary cell that can be recharge to almost full capacity by electricity conducted through a charging mechanism. However, you must consider a decaying factor when using rechargeable batteries. There is also an accumulator inside the battery that acts as the engine behind its rechargeable feature.

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Some rechargeable batteries can be recharged over 3,000 times. The amount of time it will take to charge the battery depends on its capacity. To know how long it will take, get the capacity of the battery and divide it by the charger rate. To allow for some inefficiency, just add around twenty percent to the result. Remember that a partially charged battery requires less time for recharging.

When choosing a charger for AA rechargeable batteries, you will frequently encounter the terms fast charger and rapid charger. As mentioned previously, the capacity of the battery dictates its charging time. A charger that is capable of charging a standard nickel cadmium 180 mAH battery in one hour can take as long as eight hours to recharge a NiMH 1500 battery that has a higher capacity. It would be best to disregard such terms perform your own rough calculation.

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When disposing AA rechargeable batteries, do not just throw them away as their chemical makeup makes them very dangerous to the environment. They should also not be disposed of in fire or extreme heat as they can release toxic chemicals that are harmful to man, animal and nature.