Table tennis rules are made to avoid any issues that will arise during a game. These rules are always reviewed yearly by International Table Tennis Federation, simply called ITTF. As a beginner, you have to know the basic rules before you start playing the games with your friends and colleagues. The rules for table tennis are the same for amateurs and professionals. How many rules are used in a game depends on the standard of competition and if the organizer will adopt them all.

Let’s take a few looks of these basic table tennis rules which you will need when playing in the future with your friends.

Table Tennis Rules

The Basic Table Tennis Rules

  • How to start the game? Before starting, the players should decide who will serve first. As the official rules of table tennis say, a coin toss will decide who will serve the game first. There is also a common method used where one player will hide the ball in one hand. The other will be asked to guess which hand is holding the ball. The winner usually serves first but there are actually things that he can choose. The winner can either select which to serve first, make the opponent serves first or which side of the table he wishes to play first. This is the table tennis rules of starting the game.

  • How to serve the ball? The serve must be conducted behind the end of the table. The basic serve requires holding the ball of the non-playing hand, throw it upward and as the ball falls down you will hit it with your racket. The ball will bounce to your opponent’s side of the table. The ball is allowed to bounce anywhere after the first return. If the opponent let the ball bounces once, you gain a point as according to the table tennis rules.

  • How many serves each player has? Players are allowed to have 2 serves each. The serves continue changing between each player until a player will first score 11. If both players have the same score of 10 points, the play is called deuce.

  • How to play double? Doubles also have the same two serves each player and the service will continue to exchange in every two points between the sides. Every two points, each receiver will be the server and the partner of the server will be the receiver.

  • How to make a score? According to table tennis rules, to have a score you must keep the ball bouncing longer than the opponent. A certain player will lose a point if:

  • Failed to make a good serve like throwing the ball into the air or failing to hit the ball.

  • The ball bounces twice on the table.

  • Missed to hit the ball after it bounces on the table.

  • Does not hit the ball to the opponent’s side.

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  • Failed to hit the ball that does not bounce on the table.

  • Double hit the ball.

  • Has put the non-playing hand on the table or net, also moves the table.

  • Blocked the ball in any part of the body unless the ball will not bounce on his side.

  • Hit the ball when it’s not his turn when playing a double.

  • How long is the game? The table tennis rules say that the game will end after a player has already made 11 points and will be declared as the winner of the game. The match usually has 3, 5 or 7 games.

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