Always in vogue, tab top curtains are a popular and versatile style of curtain, used especially in country style or traditional home décors. Loops of fabric make the so-called ‘tabs’ at the top of the curtains, through which a curtain rod or curtain pole is guided. Due to the simplicity of the style, tab top curtains are an extremely cost-effective and elegant choice for any home. With no pleats involved, tab top curtains need a lot less fabric than more elaborate curtain styles. Some homemakers like to use a wooden panel header to disguise the tabs, whilst others like to make a feature of them.

Tips On How To Make Tab Top Curtains

How To Make Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains are one of the simplest curtain designs to sew at home. Whether you want to make up some tab top sheer curtains, or a lined design, the process is very easy. The main difference in the construction of these two styles is the fact that a lined, heavier curtain will require wider, stronger tabs than a sheer, light curtain. When using heavier fabric, you may need to add extra tabs along the top for strength.

Here are things to consider whenyou are planning to make your own tab curtains:

  • Color Scheme:

Do you want patterned, colored, or perhaps chic white tab top curtains? What complements your home décor and interior color scheme? Do you want elements of contrast, for interest? Do you want to go bright and bold, or subtle and sophisticated? These are important style questions to ask yourself before you buy your fabric. Perhaps bring some fabric swatches home from a haberdashery store, and see what works best for you.

White with Polka Dots Tab Top Curtains

  • Embellishments:

Think about ways to decorate your basic curtains, such as:

    • Tassels
    • Buttons
    • Textured fabric
    • Curtain rod

If you want, you should use different fabric for the tabs, to provide a distinction from the fabric used for the curtains. Also, if you’re curtain rod is visible, then why not dress it up? Think about the various rods you can purchase, and what would best suit your vision. You can get wooden, plastic or metallic rods on the market – the choices are many. You can also paint the rods to match the curtain fabric, or the color of your walls. There is the option of putting decorative stoppers, called finials,at either end of the rods, for a finished appearance.

Red Tab Top Sheer Curtains for Holidays

  • Measurements:

Once you have measured the width of your window, you need to calculate one and a half times that amount. This number is the minimum your curtains need to be in width. The length is of course up to you, though it is usually made at least a couple of inches longer than the window frame.

Beautiful Style of Tab Top Curtains

  • Tabs:

It is best to place a tab at both ends of your curtain, and then space the rest of the tabs at around 8 inches apart from each other, within this framework. Note: If you are using weighty material, consider adding a few more tabs.

Tab top curtains are fun and they add a unique and interesting look to any room. It is definitely an affordable creative solution, no matter what style you like. For more options check out the trendy blackout curtains and thermal curtains online.