A coil pack is a component of your automobile that works to get the fuel ignited in the cylinders by sending a high voltage of electricity to the spark plugs. It is positioned under the hood and can generally be found by following the spark plug cables. There are symptoms of a bad coil pack that you should be aware of, along with learning some DIY remedies so that you are prepared if something happens.

get to know the symptoms of a bad coil

Symptoms of a Bad Coil Pack

  • Power Symptoms – When you are driving your vehicle is when you will see several symptoms of a bad coil pack. Your vehicle could have a rough idle, a reduction in power that is quite noticeable or an abnormally loud engine without explanation.
  • Accelerating Symptoms – If you see a major decline in RPMs while accelerating, this could be one of many symptoms of a bad coil pack. This is easy to see if you watch the RPM gauge while driving. You will likely see the check engine come on during acceleration or see it blink intermittently.
  • Other Common Symptoms – Other symptoms of a bad coil pack are when the exhaust smoke will stop coming out at a steady stream, but instead intermittently. Also, when you have plenty of gas in the vehicle, the gas light will come on intermittently.

Simple Trick That Might Work

If you are like many and don’t have the $500 dollars or more to hand your vehicle over to a mechanic to get the coil pack fixed, you will want to know how to fix it yourself. Before replacing it, you can try first to get an epoxy from a hardware store, one that is high-temperature and high strength. After removing the coil pack and mixing the epoxy, apply a generous amount to at least all of the areas where there are cracks. Allow the epoxy plenty of time to dry; if needed put it by a heat source. When it is done, install it back into your vehicle, using the same locations to plug in the spark plug wires as they were originally.

symptoms of a bad coil pack

If you are not comfortable with repairing the coil pack like this, you can always replace the entire thing when you notice symptoms of a bad coil pack. You can find easy step by step instructions to do so, and you will have it replaced in no time. Either way, you will be saving yourself the headache of another large bill from the mechanic and you will have the satisfaction of having done it yourself.