A sweater vest is a sleeveless sweater that is knitted from wool. It is also called as a tank top or a pullover.  It started its popularity way back in the 70s in the United Kingdom where they were loved not only for their warmth but because they were stylish, elegant and fashionable at the same time. These sweaters dropped out of fashion after several years. They became an associated clothing item for nerds.

The sweater vest is gradually becoming popular once again in a very different style. Celebrity golfers like Tiger Woods have played a leading role in popularizing sweater vest. Today, both celebrities and regular people are using this sweater. It was already made affordable; hence, they made their way to individual’s closets as well. Designers are replicating the traditional style argyle sweater vest, which was a popular design in the 70s. They are modifying the design into a newer and more stylish one. They incorporated the sweater with zips or buttons instead of the old pullover vest. Aside from wool, fleece is already used to make these sweaters.

 most trendy sweater vest

Sweater vests look good with almost everything. Any womens sweater vest style could be worn with a pair of jeans or even a pleated skirt to complete a school girl look. However, there are sweater vests that can only be worn over button down dress shirts. These sweater vests are usually v-necked and have no buttons incorporated on it. The major enhancers of wardrobes are the neutrally colored sweater vests like the brown vest, black vest and white vest. The popular types include women cashmere sweaters, women Moncler vests, buttoned vests and patterned sweater vests.

Well dressed and adequately groomed men look charming in sweaters if they manage to select the most appropriate design for themselves. Poor selection of sweaters is able to completely ruin a man’s look. Among the most popular sweaters that guarantee men a sharp and smart look is the mens sweater vest. Sweater vest looks good both in jeans and formal pants. Long sleeves and t shirts can be worn under it. Correctly matching one’s sweater with an outfit gives the wearer a distinguished and timeless look. Examples of popular types include V-neck sweater vests, crew necks, zip front, turtlenecks and polo sweater vests.

 modern fashionable sweater vest

Popular sweater vest brands today include:

  • Zara sweaters
  • XOXO sweaters for women
  • Lacoste fashions

Sweater vests can be worn during any season but it will work well during cold and winter months. They are multi-functional since they function as fashionable clothing and a warmer as well. Upgrade your style with a sweater vest now!