Suspension lift kits are used to raise the height of vehicles to enable them have safe steeper approach, break over angles as well as high ground clearance. Common vehicles that get suspension lifts are Jeep, SUV, and also trucks. Suspension lifts are done to reduce any strains on vehicles whenever they are carrying heavy loads. This not only helps in balancing your car but also ensures that your car is not damaged due to heavy loads. For most off road enthusiasts they choose custom suspension lift kits because the vehicle itself is heavily customize for maximum performance.

leaf spring shackle length

Suspension Kits and Functions

Each manufacturer uses different suspension lift kits for different cars. Below are some of suspension kits that are used and their functions:

  • Leaf Spring Lift – gets their support from leaf spring suspensions. With this suspension kit, your vehicle is able to carry heavy loads. Before installing this kit a manufacturer will assess whether to install it on the front side or back side of your vehicle depending on where your vehicle gets strained the most when carrying heavy loads.
  • Lift blocks – are used in case you want to achieve a desired height.  This is achieved by installing blocks between leaf spring perch and leaf spring summed up by installation of long U-bolts for support.
  • Shackle reverse lift – these suspension lift kits are used in vehicles that are used in mild terrains like deserts and forests and they ensure a smooth ride.
  • Coil suspension – this suspension kit has a shock absorber with a spring coil around it.

Another way to work on your vehicle is by adding another leaf. This leaf is added to the vehicles normal leaf pack. This automatically raises the vehicles height. However, this can result in rough rides.

hummer H1 front coil suspension

How to Choose The Right Suspension Lift Kit

There are many brands of suspension lift kits in the market today. The best suspension lift kits brands are those that has years of experience, many experienced off road enthusiast are familiar with the brand and the name is receiving positive reviews from customers. People who have used these brands promise that they are worth your time and money.  These kits are made of high quality materials and are durable.

The Skyjacker suspension lift kits have been made using up-to-date technology. They have wide brand selection for their customers and they come in various sizes for the different vehicles. Skyjacker lift kits provide jeep lift kits and also leveling kits for any type of vehicle.

Suspension lift kits can be purchased from both online and local retailers. They function to raise your vehicle’s height and allow for heavy loads to be carried by your vehicle.