Labels are one of the most effective ways of passing information to potential and current customers regarding particular products. However there are a number of effective components of a label that need to be included in the design so as to make it more attractive and captivating to the target audience. Here are some of the most important components that can be used to make top quality labels for your products.

mandatory food label components

Effective Components of a Label

  • Graphics– Research on the various products and services have shown that people are more attracted to purchasing products whose label include eye-catching graphics such as pictures of the raw materials used to manufacture the product. Unlike in the past when manufacturers had to pat with huge sums of money to get a quality graphic; today one can use the free stock pictures available on the internet. In case you opt to purchase already designed graphics check the license agreement that govern use of the graphics so as to avoid legal tussles that may arise. One of the main benefits of using graphics is that they help to pass a wide range of information that could have required use of very many words that could probably have not fitted on the label.
  • Ingredients– This is one of the most effective components of a label since it helps to inform the clients on the various ingredients used to manufacture the product. Ensure that the information provided is very accurate so as to safe guard reputation of the product among clients.
  • Location– This component basically includes location of the manufacturing plant as well as the source of some of the ingredient used to in the manufacturing process. Including this kind of information on the label helps clients to know exactly where to forward any queries that may arise from use of the products. This in turn helps to ensure that the diverse customer needs and preferences are met effectively at all times.
  • Contact Information– Manufacturers need to establish a reliable communication channel that both marketers and clients can use to pass information regarding the products. Advancement in technology has made communication much easier and economical through use of channels such as email addresses and websites. Again this effective components of a label needs to be accurate and functioning so as to ensure timely disbursement of information.

marmite jar black label

Improving the Quality of Labels

Here are some of the inclusions that can be used to improve on the appearance and quality of the jar labels.

  • Font– This is one of the factors that determine the readability of the label. Unfortunately most of the standard computer fonts such as Papyrus and Times New Roman have being over used by most manufacturers. Effective Components of a label will definitely be appealing to customers if you use a different font that is both unique and outstanding. Enhance popularity of your products by using different and new styles available on the internet.
  • Material– The quality of the label largely depends of the kind of materials used to design and make the label. Ensure that materials selected meet the recommended standards so as to avoid wastage of resources and other inconveniences. For example one can use white materials which are very flexible with most label designs. On the other hand, you can also use a textured cream paper if you wish to display a handcrafted image of your product.
  • Size– The size of the label depends of on the size of the container. In the case of a round container one can use different front and back labels on the same container so as to separate various sorts of information such as regulatory and ingredient information. You can also choose a wrap-around label but be sure to ensure that all vital information are include in the front panel for easier recognition.
  • Color– In order to attract customer to purchasing your products you have to select colors that compliment the container so as to avoid color crushing. One can also select different themes and color flavors so as to enhance the general appearance of the product. However the colors and themes selected need to be maintained for certain duration so as to avoid confusing clients.

Using these effective components of a label can contribute significantly in increasing the product’s marketability.