Nowadays, there are more and more people who need sunglasses for sensitive eyes. With summer just around the corner, people who have eyes that are sensitive to sunlight or have been diagnosed with photophobia have taken to buying sunglasses to ward off the glaring sunlight. If you suffer from these kinds of discomfort, it is prudent to learn what kind of sunglasses to buy to alleviate the sensitivity to light.

essential sunglasses for sensitive eyes

There are four things everyone needs to know when it comes to buying sunglasses for sensitive eyes. First, remember that the more sensitive you are to light, the darker the sunglasses should be. Second, buy sunglasses that protect your eyes from 90% of the sun’s UV rays. Third, sunglasses fitted with mirrored lenses can help reduce the light which hits your eyes because of it being reflected away. Finally, polarized lenses are a must for people who drive or swim as it reduces the glare off of horizontal surfaces like the road or the ocean.

How to Buy Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes

Many people make the mistake of buying just any kind of sunglasses for sensitive eyes they can find in the store. This is unhelpful as some people have actual eye problems and need prescription from their respective doctors. However, if you are one of those who really just have sensitive eyes or just buying temporary sunglasses but have no idea where to begin; here are a few guidelines you can follow:

  • Glasses Weight – Asses weight. The sunglasses must feel comfortable on your face, if you have thick glasses, then use thick frames to support it.
  •  Frame Materials – This is important as plastic tends to be light and durable but does not bend for custom fit. Aluminum and titanium are more viable.
  •  UV protection – Read what is written down on the label or ask around for the UV rays protection rate. You should always make sure that it is 100%.
  • Choose Color Lens Wisely – Lenses should be dark if you have sensitive eyes. Frames can be of any color, from yellow to blue to pink sunglasses as long as the lenses you choose can protect you.

Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes to Choose From

If you are new to buying sunglasses for sensitive eyes and are looking for brands to choose from, here are a few which have protective lens:

  • Hybrid – This is by Oakley and is famous for its 100% UV rays protection. The sunglasses are very affordable and are made from lightweight materials that can last for a long time.
  • Sherpa – By Julbo is another brand of sunglasses which are ideal for summer. With a nice frame whose leather sides and mirrored, this is best for people who drive. It also offers 100% protection from sun rays and has a light protection of 88%.

Radior – are sunglasses by Gatorz, made from aluminum with wraparound frames to protect the wearer from wind and pollution, Radior is best for people who drive open cars or motorcycles. It offers 100% UV rays protection and is made with polycarbonate lenses.

glittery pink sunglasses

Whether you want to buy simple pink sunglasses for summer or just want something to protect your eyes, follow these guidelines to get the best sunglasses for sensitive eyes available.