Summer is the time of year when everyone wants to let loose, have fun and enjoy life. Whether young or old, this warm season fires up emotions and energy-levels and makes you want to go running through leafy meadows or splash on the shores of a local beach or lake. Fun and festive summer hairstyles can help add comfort to your activities and versatility to your wardrobe. Since summer brings along its own style of fashion, you would need be in one of the popular summer hairstyles as well to go with the trend and avoid the heat.

classic ponytail  summer hairstyles

Popular Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

  • A simple wrap—just pull your hair back over your ears and tie a scarf, wide ribbon or handkerchief around it. Summer hairstyles like this one allow your hair to still flow playfully in the breeze while keeping it off your neck and shoulders and out of your eyes.
  • The classic ponytail—form the pony tail near the crown of the head for a little extra volume and added playfulness when running around town.
  • Long beautiful locks—whether you go for exotic waves or retro pin-straight summer hairstyles. Keep your hair light with minimal product. Layers can help reduce the weight and heat that long hair can create during the summer.

simple wrap  summer hairstyles for long hair

All of these fun summer hairstyles will let your long hair shine while keeping you cool and comfortable. For those who prefer to spend their summers on the court, trails, waters or fields, these summer hairstyles also keep hair out of your eyes and allow for vigorous physical activity with little fuss.

If you hair is a little shorter, do not worry, there are plenty of summer hairstyles for medium hair to keep you looking good and feeling great out in the sun as well.

Popular Summer Hairstyles For Medium Hair

  • Loose half-length curls—simply give your hair a good brushing with a wide-gauge round comb and use a curling iron to curl approximately half of your hair’s length. Create fairly loose curls to start with. After you have finished curling, simply toss the hair for added volume. This creates a dynamic and playful appearance that is easy to maintain and keeps hair light and healthy.

long beautiful locks fun summer hairstyles

  • The bob—while some people groan at the idea of a bob, it has been a popular hairstyle for many years for a good reason. It is light-weight, draws attention to the eyes and face and is easy to maintain. While it is not for everyone, people with slender or oval faces can use it to great effect. Simply part the hair off center and cut the hair at a light angle from front to back. Sweep the bangs and you have a stunning look that is sure to turn heads and takes minutes to maintain.
  • Flipped ends—Recently made popular by a certain sparkling movie, this hairstyle is cute and spunky. It exudes youthfulness and is one of the best fun summer hairstyles around. Simply comb and straighten your hair and brush with a round brush. Rotate the brush as you reach the ends of the hair to provide a playful fringe to the hairline.

flipped ends summer hairstyles for medium hair

Regardless of hair length or type, choosing summer hairstyles that minimize the product in your hair, provide a flowing, playful appearance and keep your hair from getting in your way will provide the greatest satisfaction and overall appeal.