Comfort, durability and style – these have always been the quality trademarks of the Frye Company’s western boots. One of the most notable footwear the company boasts is their harness boots which generally features a strap or a harness wrapped around the ankle part. When it comes to western boots, the Frye harness boots dominates the leaderboard.

Sexy Frye Harness Boots

Just because these footwear scream expensive as first perceived, doesn’t mean you can’t find high quality yet cheap western boots. Cowboys and rodeos will never grow old, and the cowgirl fashion will never go out of style – or less hotter than it is today.

Cheap Western Boots with Elegance

Which is why, Frye’s western boots for women will never go out of style. You can pull off any look with this footwear if you just know the perfect outfits to wear with them.

  • Under your jeans. When you opt wearing your western boots under your jeans, make sure you’re wearing a flared one as it could look bulky if your wear a more tapered one. Also, the length of the jeans matter as well since the goal of this fashion is not to show off your boots but to make your legs appear long and thin.
  • Over your jeans. Skinny or regular straight legs can do the trick with this look. It’s easy to tuck the jeans into any boot and you can always complete the outfit with a leather jacket. Mix and match some structured accessories and your bag to tone down the “countryness” of the whole fashion.
  • With a dress. Pulling this fashion statement is easy – if you know which specific type of dress to wear with your western boots. Simple dresses and airy, flowery dresses are always the safe bets when you opt for this kind of look. Some people are not too keen in this fashion since it’s associated with Britney Spears – she’s known to wearing boots with short dresses all around Los Angeles.

Stylish Western Boots for Women

  • With leggings or tights. A bit on the daring side of fashion, wearing leggings or tights with your western boots can be a little hard to peg, but still possible and can ultimately end up fabulous if you just play your items right. It’s always safe to go with plain colored boots and plain dress, and then just spice it up a bit with vibrant colored leggings or tights.

Very Classic Womens Western Boots

Some women have this habit of blaming their clothes or particular accessories as the reason why they get pulled over by the fashion police. When in fact, the clothes you wear reflect the personal style you have. If you just can’t pull off a pair of womens western boots, don’t go blaming Frye Company for it.