It is up to the bride to choose the bridesmaid dresses. Whether you take the advice of your bridesmaids or shop on your own is up to you. It would be ideal if you shopped for these dresses earlier so that you don’t face problems at the last moment. You should shop around a little in order to get the best deal.

awesome coral and turquoise wedding bridesmaid dress

Shopping Guidelines

  1. Types: When you purchase bridesmaid dresses, you should keep all the types of dresses in mind. You should consider sleeves, silhouettes, necklines, color, length and fabric.
    1. Among the fabrics are chiffon, silk, lace, faille, and satin. You can choose other options too such as a beautiful silver sequin dress.
    2. The length should be according to the style of the wedding. For example, a cocktail length dress is ideal for a beach wedding. If the wedding is formal, you should go for floor length dresses. You should also consult the bridesmaids about this because they may not be comfortable in a particular length. Remember that their comfort matters the most.
    3. Among necklines are sweetheart neckline, halter neckline, square neckline, and scoop neckline. Again you can talk to your bridesmaids about their preferences.
    4. There are numerous colors for you to choose from such as purple bridesmaid dresses but you should make sure the color is in sync with the theme of your wedding.
    5. You may choose a strapless dress or you may choose dresses with sleeves. Cap sleeves and poet sleeves are the best choices. Cap sleeves cover only the shoulders while the poet sleeves go right down to the wrists.
  1. Etiquette: Before going out to shop, you should talk to your bridesmaids to know their budget and their style. Taking them along with you is a great idea. You should always keep the budget in mind because these dresses could indeed cost a lot. If you like, you can just select the color for your bridesmaids and let them choose the style of their dress such as vintage bridesmaid dresses.
  1. Purchasing: You can buy bridesmaid dresses at national chains, boutiques or bridal stores. All bridesmaids should buy the dresses from the same store to make sure the color matches evenly. If you are looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses, you can also look online for available choices.

elegant purple bridesmaid dress

Thus, buying these dresses is pretty easy if you give it the time and effort. Make sure you shop early so that you give the bridesmaids enough time to check various stores and pick out the best.