Stretched earlobes are becoming trendy for most people nowadays especially to the younger generation. Most of these people enlarge their earlobes because they simply think it is sexy, attractive, and fashionable. For some women, they take the risk of having large holes in their ears because they want to establish a stronger personality and display toughness in the society.

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Are You Willing To Take The Risk?

Stretched earlobes can be risky. Here are the lists of the possible danger stretching your earlobes may cause:

  • The hole on your earlobe definitely will not go back to its normal form. You may change your mind and find stretched earlobes to be wicked looking especially when you get older and is looking for a career but once it’s done, it is already done. Of course you don’t want to be in the point of no return, so think a hundred times before making your decision.
  • Basically, ear stretching can cause damage. It can extrude the flesh of your ear and may look distorted. You may tear your lobes apart and it may cause complications like infection.
  • Some say stretching your earlobes is less painful however, there are reports that say people who went through enlarge ear piercing say it is painful and at times it turns red and tender especially when you had it changed to have larger holes.
  • Reconstructive surgery may be possible to bring back the form of your earlobes, however it is really expensive.

Take It Safe and Slow – Some Helpful Tips

 Ear gauge is used in stretching your earlobes. It is necessary to know the exact size of an ear gauge to use. Cheap gauges are available in different sizes and style. The most important thing however in using ear gauges is that you should not skip sizes for proper stretching. Stretched earlobes can cause complications while healing so it is important to follow what your piercer recommends.

  • Once the ear holes are healed, you may buy some jewelry in the next size to continue the stretching process. You can use a lubricant to avoid extreme pain while you are trying to insert your new jewelry. It will be easier as well to have the jewelry in if there is a lubricant.
  • It is also important to sanitize your jewelry and have your hands washed when you start the stretching process.
  • It is also advisable to start stretching your earlobes after a hot shower because it makes your skin resilient and more elastic.
  • Always remember that bleeding or pain is a no-no after stretching. A slight tenderness or a mild discomfort is fine, but any bleeding and extreme pain should be cared immediately.
  • Put in mind that you should wait until your ears are completely healed before sizing up, otherwise it may cause you infection and can result to permanent damage.

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 Who says that simplicity is beauty? Stretched earlobes are undoubtedly a trend nowadays. Body modifiers want it to make a statement. More and more people regardless of their gender believe that stretched earlobes and body piercing are stylish, creative and beautiful.