Strawberry is a very common fruit which is cultivated all over the world. Most of us know about it. It is a bright red color fruit with a very distinct texture outside. The use of strawberry is mainly in food preparations. Strawberries can be consumed directly or with cream and other food derivatives. It can be used in fruit juices, frosting of cakes, ice creams, cakes, and more. Here, we will discuss about a different use of strawberry in strawberry perfume.  Strawberry perfumes can be defined as a perfume that smells like strawberries. Now, we will discover in detail the different facets of strawberry scented fragrances and also, we will do a quality check on them.

glass bottled strawberry perfume

Strawberry perfume is generally made of either strawberry fruit or the strawberry flower. If the perfume is made of floral part of strawberry shrub, it will be a little milder in smell and it will mostly suit women who wear it. We must mention here that there are thousands of brands manufacturing strawberry perfumes worldwide and you can find many varieties in smell and also get different fragrances for both men and women. Don’t be misinformed, men can at anytime use these strawberry perfumes because it suits them too. Now, the fruit is more citrus in nature and the aroma of a strawberry fruit will be a little strong and you can identify the difference easily. Although strawberries are cultivated all over the world, it is the mountain strawberries that give you a much wilder and natural smell. Many strawberry perfume makers may claim to use them but you will never know for sure.

strawberry scented fragrance perfume

While choosing a strawberry perfume, you have to first decide a few things. Firstly, you must fix your mind whether you are a floral person or a citrus person. It means that you have to choose between a floral strawberry perfume and a fruit strawberry perfume at first. Then you must decide whether you want a strong smell or milder one. Finally you have to see whether the strawberry perfume you’re buying lasts long enough during a hectic work day or not. The best way to know this is to go explore some user reviews online.

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Strawberry perfumes can be found from normal street brands to the very top notch fragrance companies. You will know the difference between them. But, you also have to think about your wallet and therefore must find a balance between quality and cost. Generally if you go to a store, they will give you an idea about what to buy and if you’re not convinced, you must go to online forums and find out all about different brands of strawberry perfumes and pinpoint the best suited brand for you. No matter whichever brand you choose, a strawberry perfume should invigorate you with its natural aroma.

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