Versatile, fashionable and light are just some of the interesting qualities that the straw hat has. Usually made from straw or reeds, the hat is created to protect the wearer from the rays of the sun and risk of heatstroke. Straw hat also acts as a fashion accent or decorative piece for a uniform.

fashionable straw beach hat


Traditionally, the straw hat has been worn by the people of Asia and Europe during summer seasons of the middle ages. The older versions were worn by individuals of all classes, particularly men. Here are some of the earlier hats.

  • Panama hat – Typically made in Ecuador, this straw hat type is known to be expensive.
  • Boater hat – This kind of straw hat has a flat brim and top and usually formal-looking.
  • Conical hat – Considered as a distinctive kind, this hat was traditionally worn by farmers of Southeast Asia.

beautiful straw fedora hat


If there are earlier versions of straw hat, then there are also modern versions such as the following:

  • Straw beach hat – Popular among women during summer season, this hat’s b is designed to shield the wearer from the sun’s UV rays and blowing sand. When paired with casual clothing or summer wear, it can help complete a lovely outfit for the beach, shopping or an outdoor picnic or party.
  •  Straw cowgirl hatNot only for real cowgirls, this hat can also be worn by any lady who simply wants to be stylish at a BBQ or outdoor party. This hat never goes out of trend and wearing it in parties and other casual events will make you a hit for sure.
  • Straw fedora hatIf you want to look elegant and classy, then this hat type is for you. Popular since 1950 and until present, fedora hats work well with any lightweight pants, suit or dress.
  • Straw top hat Purposely made for summer wear, this hat is typically available with a 5 ½-inch or 7-inch tall crown. If you’re going to formal events and gatherings, then this hat is the best to wear.

cool straw top hat


When buying a straw hat, you need first to determine the shape of your face.

  • For round-shaped face, the hat with a wide brim and high crown would be the best choice.
  • For oval faces, any hat style will do.
  • People with long facial structure should avoid hats with high crowns and go for the ones with wide brim instead.
  • Heart-shaped faces should avoid hats with high crowns as well and opt for hats with medium-sized brim.

pretty cowgirl hat

The color of your skin should also match the straw hat. If it is rosy, then go for hats in red, rust or pink color. But if your skin tone is dark, you should choose a hat with subtle colors like yellow in order to look good. Besides your hair, consider these hats as your crowning glory too. Get your own straw hat and wear them with style.