This article will give the reader the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision when she’s out looking for a bra that will not only provide maximum comfort but also unmatched flexibility, quality and style as well. After all, the sole purpose of wearing a bra is for comfort, and if for any reason at all it does not provide this then a change is in order.

At some point, many women have found the traditional bra have grown to be so uncomfortable. However, this was addressed by bra manufacturers when they introduced stick on bras. Stick on bras are pretty much as the title implies and have been known to offer its wearer tons of comfort, flexibility and style.

silicone stick on bras

These adhesive bras come in several different designs that can satisfy even the pickiest of users. However the size of stick on bras is usually limited to size C, as any breast size that is larger than this may not properly be supported with the stick on bras’ lack of supportive straps.

How do these backless bras that stick work exactly? Well they pretty much stick to the body. However, there has been a drastic change in the way that this was achieved since the stick on bras’ inception. The original brand of no hassle petite bras used a very sticky adhesive tape to hold the garment in place. The switch to silicone padding was inevitable because the adhesive tape was very pain staking to remove.

The stick bra is now more popular than ever with its brand new design, however there still are a few points that you should carefully considering before choosing this type of bra as your under garment of choice and they are as follows:

best adhesive bras

  • • Never apply these bras post showering
  • • If you have freshly added lotion to the skin wait until it has totally absorbed to put on this bras as this process takes away from the silicone’s’ ability to stick to the skins surface properly.
  • • Adhere to the user instructions

To sum things up, stick on bras have proven to be very flexible and comfortable alternative to the tradition bra. These are some common reasons why women just adore these no hassle petite bras. Plus, these easy stick on bras give the added benefit of resistance to humidity and sweating to the equation. Simply put, they work just like any traditional bra, but they are matched with the innovative styles and designs of modern bras.