One of trendiest jeans is the destroyed jean or also called as distressed jean.  This denim is faded and torn. It is a hot and sexy outfit since it will show some parts of your legs. It is also worn by men, women and children. Destroyed skinny jeans are the most fashionable denim nowadays.  Distressed jeans that are displayed in stores and malls could be costly. This is why some opt to make one.

dsquared fashionable destroyed jeans for men

Tools of Distressing

It is very easy to make a distress jean. Before creating distress jeans, you need the following supplies for distressing a pair of jeans. The needed supplies are:

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Pen knife or small knife
  • Tailor chalk or any type chalk
  • Cheese grater
  • Tweezers
  • Brush for the paint or bleach
  • Bleach solution  or white paint
  • Nail file
  • Detergent soap

Steps on How to Make Destroyed Jeans

Here are the following fun and simple steps:

1. Get a pair of old jeans – the older, the better. Old jeans are washed several times. This will give a faded effect to the jeans. If you don’t have old jeans that you can find in your closet, you can simply look for blue jeans and bleach the distress area.

2. Prepare the supplies for distressing.

3. Wear your old jeans. Mark the area of the jeans that you want to distress using the tailor chalk.

4. Take all the necessary cutting tools such as small knife or scissors. Vertically fold the jeans into half. Cut a small a portion of the marked area for creating a small hole. Don’t make big holes since it will expand when you wash your destroyed jeans.

5. Take a cheese grater. Grate the edges of a cut area.

6. Take a tweezers. At the edge of the grated area, pull a ripped fabric to create a frayed look.

7. To look it more distress, scratch the edge opening part of front pocket, back pocket and to the zipper line of the jeans.

8. Paint the distress area with the white paint or you can brush the bleach solution it using the brush.

9. Wash the jeans after brushing the bleach solution to the edges with a detergent.

mens artistice destroyed jeans

Distressed jeans are perfect for casual attire. The steps in distressing the jeans are not only applicable for ladies’ jeans. It is also applicable for creating destroyed jeans for men and for children. For great DIY distressed jeans for men or boys, Evisu jeans are the best jeans to use. Do not be afraid to cut your jeans or to commit mistakes on making distressed jeans. The important is you enjoy distressing your jeans.