Football uniforms were first worn in the 1920s and have evolved over time. Almost every year, the materials and uniforms, changed for the better. The jerseys in the 1920s were made to be very thick, in the 30s the helmet was introduced, and it became compulsory to put it on in a game. In the 60s is when the modern day uniforms came to be designed.

 first class football helmet

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Amateur Football Uniforms

College football uniforms are one of the most exciting football uniform choices. Colleges are at times faced with the challenge of getting a fashionable looking football uniform that will leave a mark in the playground. Youth football uniforms are mainly designed to be used by junior footballers. They come in various designs and styles and also sizes.

Football Uniform Set

There are custom football uniforms designed just for your team. You can do this online with helpful applications that will assist you create a design of your choice. You can also place your team emblem, color, graphics that you would like to see on the football uniforms. These uniforms consist of several different parts which are:

  • Helmet – This protects the player’s head from serious head injury. A hit on the head can cause concussions and other head injuries to the player. A football helmet has a lining inside that cushion against hard hits. It has a hard plastic that surrounds the inside layer.
  • Pads – The rest of the body is also protected from injuries from collision. Shoulder pads are used to absorb most of the shock that occurs during the collision and protects the chest and shoulders. Most collision during a football game is done by the shoulders; therefore, they play an important protective role.
  • Jersey – The jersey does not have any protective function but to simply absorb sweat and for identification of a team in the field. This is the main component of every football uniforms.
  • Cleats – These allow a player to have a good footing on the field, which prevents injuries that may occur above the ankles.
  • Football girdle – This is worn underneath the football pants. They hold the thigh, hip and thigh bone in place.

 hardcore padded football girdle

The main purpose of football uniforms equipment is protection and identification purposes in the field. The equipment is usually made to match with the standards of the football governing body. The above football uniform equipment must be worn correctly in order to protect the player from harm.