Discount trophy usually refers the cheap trophies that are available in the price range below $4 per trophy. These trophies are also known as the inexpensive or entry-level trophies. These trophies are awarded to the winners in different games and sports to encourage them. You can find some high standard and fine quality trophies online. Some engraved discount trophies are ideal for the school functions, organizational events and for the competition winners. You can place online order to get different types of trophies that you desire in various shapes and designs.

an awesome participation trophy

Types of Trophies

There are various types of the trophies. These are mentioned below.

  • Simple Trophies – These trophies can be purchased in only $3 to $4. These trophies consist of a small base made of marble. A figurine is placed on the top of the marble base. These are very simple in design that is why these trophies are called simple trophies. There is no felt pad under the marble base. The tags are not engraved on the trophies, but printed.
  • Participation Trophies – These trophies are at nicer grade. A plastic figurine is placed on the top of the marble base in these trophies. This figurine usually represents a team player of sports and games. That is why these trophies are used to award the winners of the sports and games. The marble base is larger in size as compared to the marble base of the simple trophies. These discount trophies are available in only $4 up to $6 per trophy. There is a felt pad under the marble base. It is for the protection of your trophy from getting damaged.
  • Resin Trophies – It is the finest quality of the trophies. If you search online for the types of trophies while using a search engine, you will get the Resin Trophies at the top. These trophies are made of the products derived from petroleum. The price of the oil fluctuates and with the fluctuations in the oil prices, you can see the price of resin trophies increasing and decreasing. The price of these trophies starts from $5 and goes up to $15. These trophies are used for the organizational events and functions. The figurine placed on the top of its unique base is very interesting and of the finest quality. You will find very interesting designs in them.
  • Perpetual Trophy – These trophies are larger in size. These trophies refer to the travelling trophies. You can use them to commemorate the annual functions or events. These are also awarded to the winners in various competitions. You can purchase them in $20 up to $200 according to the quality and the size of the trophy. These are the best types of trophies that can be displayed at home or at the entrance of any establishment to show off and inspire other people.
  • Winning Cup Trophy – It is also known as champion trophy. It is used to award the team members in any competition to encourage them. You can also use it to commemorate various annual events. You can purchase it in $20 up to $200.

round up perpetual trophy

To conclude other types of trophies include multi-column trophies and Plagues. You can find a large variety of designs in these trophies. You can get the personalized quotations on them engraved or in printed form according to your needs.