Outdoor games are extremely popular. They are fun and they keep you fit at the same time. This is why it is important for you to pick a sport, at least as a hobby. Sports are popular throughout the world and no matter which sport you play, wearing the right sports apparel is a must. Sports apparel is designed exclusively to cater to the needs of sportsmen. Thus, they have to be protective and long lasting at the same time. You can’t wear the same apparel for different sports because each sport has its own requirements.

Popular Sports and their Corresponding Apparel

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  • Cycling: A cyclist needs to wear skin-tight clothing. This is to help him move his limbs freely as he cycles. Along with that type of clothing, kneepads, sunglasses, biker helmet and elbow caps are also a must. These are measures to protect the skin from injury and the sun.
  • Cricket: Cricket requires a lot of running and moving around. Thus, the sports apparel worn here must be comfortable and free. A tee shirt and trousers are worn. Caps or hats are also worn for sun protection. Alongside, thigh guards, gloves, helmets, abdomen guards, pads and a good pair of shoes are important.
  • Swimming: Swimming needs light material clothing. Any water sport requires you to wear clothing that protects you from the sun as well as rashes you might be subjected to. Rash guards for men are great apparel because they are protective and excellent to wear. Nose clip, swimming cap, waterproof goggles, earplugs are a few of the accessories to be used in this sport.
  • Running: Shorts facilitate easier movement while running. Thus runners usually wear shorts teamed with tee shirts. However shoes are the most important component here. They have to be very comfortable and durable to allow the athlete to run and also to protect his limbs from injury and too much stress on the limb muscles.
  • Tennis: Tennis is a sport of patience and stamina. It probably has the most stylish sports apparel among all sports. Women wear skirts and tops while men prefer shorts and tee shirts. Caps and wristbands are also worn.

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Same rules apply to other common sports such as football and volleyball. The sport and the protection required determine the sports apparel to be worn. Make sure you buy only good quality apparel to be comfortable and also to be able to fully protect yourself.