It is not unusual nowadays to see the rims of a car spinning while parked or not in motion. Well, with spinning rims available in car parts shops all over this is more real than it sounds. Auto customizing has gone to the next level. Now you can have an aquarium on your dashboard, a home theatre in your trunk, a Jacuzzi in your carriage compartment just to mention a few of the customization possibilities that exist. Spinning rims come in different shapes, sizes and color. Depending on your taste, you can have your car customized accordingly.

custom wheel finest spinning rim selection

Importance and Mechanism

The theory behind spinning rims is not complex. Here is a brief explanation of their mechanism.

  • They consist of an ordinary shinny and flashy chrome rim, which has an extended hub at its centre that the spinner is attached to.
  • A heavy duty bearing system is mounted on this hub.
  • When you start driving, the bearing will want to spin the spinner but due to inertia, the spinner wants to stay stationary.
  • However, due to centrifugal force as well as gravity, the spinner eventually starts rotating but at a slower speed than the main chrome rim.

Spinning rims are importance because of the following reasons.

  • Spinning rims add flash to your car since most rims are made from shinny chromium alloy material, which reflects highly against the light, giving your car that much craved shine.
  • They improve the performance of your vehicle given the fact that chromium rims are tougher in nature and do not easily dent.
  • These rims also act as protective barrier against debris and objects that may otherwise damage the rim itself, in case the rim had no spinners.

wire wheel two bladed spinner

Purchasing Tips

Spinners are complementary accessories so you cannot make a mistake when buying them. You will want to consider a few things.

  • Get to know the maximum wheel size that your car can take. Spinners come in all sizes, so you have to ensure that the rims you choose fit your car.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is a rear drive vehicle. This is crucial since the wheels are deep enough to allow the spinners to fit without them protruding and spoiling the whole look. Do not overlook the fact that protruding spinners are dangerous.

Cadillac rims are one of the most popular spinning rims because their rims are large in size, flashy and blend well with Cadillac vehicles. Though expensive, these rims are guaranteed to give maximum satisfaction to the owner. There is no limit to having flashy rims for your car. However, if you have spinning rims on your car, you are given the impression that you have one of the best vehicle accessories in the town.