Designer fragrances for men have flooded the market, as a result of which using perfumes has become a very elite ordeal. A hint of fragrance or cologne can do wonders to the way their whole day shapes up! Depending on the kind of designer fragrance they use, men can make quite a strong fashion statement. When choosing a designer perfume, rather than actually taking a whiff of the fragrance, they should try out testers first and decide which one would suit them. Without the right kind designer perfume, a man can never be considered fully dressed up. Following are some of the top designer perfumes that should definitely be a part of a man’s cologne or fragrance collection.

Carolina Herrera

In the fashion industry, Carolina Herrera is among the major brands. The designer perfumes from Carolina Herrera are known for their ethereal and elegant fragrances. This is probably why Carolina Herrera Designer fragrances for men are so popular and in demand. The Carolina Herrera 212 is among the favorites of men for its woody floral musk fragrance. Another reason men wish to own this designer perfume is because of its unique bottle.

admired carolina herrera perfume

Christian Dior

The designer fragrances for men from Christian Dior are so alluring and tempting that they cannot resist buying them. Men are particularly fond of the musky, refreshing and flowery scent of these designer fragrances. The Eau Sauvage and the Dior Homme are one of the most popular perfumes from the variety of designer fragrances for men offered by Christian Dior. In fact, the Dior Homme, with its delicious and wonderful fragrance, is perfect for men in search of designer perfume.


The Azzaro brand has quite a wide range of designer perfumes for men. The fragrance of the Azzaro perfumes is highly intoxicating and any man wearing this designer perfume is sure to add some romance to his evening. The Silver Black designer perfume by the Azzaro is a captivating, seductive and sophisticated perfume, with a mysterious fragrance, making it a marvelous choice for men. Men wearing this designer perfume are sure to capture the heart of their special someone. For men, another tantalizing fragrance from Azzaro’s variety is the Pour Homme.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer who has made quite a name for himself for his own line of Armani perfumes for men. Armani perfumes are intoxicating and rich, enough to drive any woman wild if she gets a whiff of these fragrances. One of the most masculine and sensual designer fragrances for men from Armani is Attitude. Giorgio Armani perfumes are truly capable of flattering just about everyone in all aspects.

Dolce & Gabbana
In the beauty and fashion sector, no introduction is needed by Dolce & Gabbana. The range of designer fragrances for men from Dolce Gabbana is truly mind-boggling. The style Dolce & Gabbana designer perfumes employ with their exquisite designs are a superb choice for men who prefer elegance and have a strong fashion sense. Men are sure to impress their female counterparts when wearing a D&G perfume.

worlds popular perfume- dolce and gabbana

These were some of the most popular top designer fragrances for men. So whether buying for yourself or for your special man, make sure you check out the testers for the aforementioned brands. They are not top of the line for nothing.