Recycling is one of the issues that the contemporary world is most concerned about. It is really an important issue both for the general public and the economy. In recent years, recycling has become a major issue in scientific research in various fields, as many studies have been suggesting that people are consuming the natural resources too fast to sustain a healthy balance in nature. As a result, it seems that they are living for just today and the future generation would have to pay for it. And, that’s the main point that makes recycling so important.

creative ways to recycle water bottles

The Uses for Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are widely used for beverage(including water) distribution at the consumer level. The usage of plastic water bottles is higher than the other types such as aluminum water bottles mainly because of its lightweight characteristic and low production cost. However, once you’re done with using these plastic bottles, you end up throwing it away.

But, why don’t you recycle and reuse them? it is always possible to show your creativity with almost anything. What is needed to do this is just a bit of imagination. Let me tell you about some ideas.

Tips in Recycling/Reusing Plastic Bottles

  • Make a unique dress: You can easily make a unique dress just using plastic bottles. To do this, make shapes of your chosen cutting from plastic bottles and stick those in your dress just like people use to embroider shapes with cotton or silk threads. You can also use threads to sew it with the dress even though it’s not among the easiest tasks.
  • Make a raft: Another creative way to recycle plastic bottles is to make a raft. You will need a lot of bottles for it. And, it is very simple to do. Just tie the bottles together using a wooden bar or something. You can also paint it using different colors to make it attractive.
  • Make canisters/containers: You can also cut the water bottles at the middle and use as the substitute of tubs made by metal or earth while making your own herb garden at your balcony or rooftop.
  • Science projects/materials: It is also possible to use water bottles to demonstrate simple science projects to kids such as how plants grow from the seeds, or how water and oil get mixed initially after a shake and then get separated again very quickly. Such simple science projects can help your kids to understand science easily in one hand and to make creative use of plastic water bottles on the other.

make a recycle to your favorite water bottles

One of the most important benefits in using recycled plastic is energy conservation; compared to the energy consumed in plastic production from raw materials, production of new plastic products from recycled materials saves up to one third of energy. There are a lot more, but, probably the most important issue in recycling plastic bottles is the environmental issue. Emissions of greenhouse gases can significantly be reduced by using recycled plastic bottles. Thus, recycling water bottles is beneficial to both the user and the whole world. Make it a daily life practice. Remember, if you’re recycling anything you’re making a huge contribution in saving Mother earth, not just for you but for your children’s children, too.