The Sole e25 elliptical, a full body workout machine from Sole Fitness, brings incredible features all for under $1000. This is one of the few workout machines on the market that truly provide full value for its price tag. With such a great amount of competition in terms of workout-at-home devices, the Sole e25 elliptical trainer goes far beyond what those competitors are able to offer for such a low price.

Key Sole E25 Elliptical Features

cost effective e25 sole elliptical

Great features such as a built-in cooling fan, built-in speakers for the ability to listen to your music while you work out, and even built-in pulse sensors make the e25 Sole elliptical a must-have for anyone wanting to step up their at-home workout routine. If the Sole e25 elliptical reviews from other web sites don’t have you convinced that you should invest in one, the following are a few of the key features that make this trainer such a valuable purchase:

  • 19-pound flywheel allowing for incredibly smooth performance

  • perfectly-sized 6.25” LCD display that allows users to track their time, calories, distance, and resistance

  • weighs only 189 pounds with a 325-pound capacity

  • built-in cooling fan, pulse sensors and speaker system


best reliable sole e25 elliptical

  • lifetime warranty on frame, 3-year warranty on parts and electronics, 1-year warranty on labor

  • oversized foot pedals for more comfortable workout sessions

  • power incline feature that offers increased resistance

The Sole e25 elliptical’s built-in speaker system will keep you working out longer and more frequently as you are entertained with your own music, whether it be from your iPod or other personal media device. Its cooling system and oversized pedals will keep you as comfortable as possible as you work out, and its power incline feature will give you the option of diversity in your personal workout routine.

sole e25 elliptical trainer review

Key Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer Cost

Of course, these key features only touch on what the Sole e25 elliptical has to offer. There are just too many reasons that one should choose it over any other at-home workout systems. The incredible comfort that it offers, along with its extensive list of impressive features should be more than enough to convince you to take advantage of its hard-to-beat price of only $999.99, especially considering that its manufacturer’s suggested retail price is as high as $1,999.99!

best sole e25 elliptical reviews

Key Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer Benefits

There are too many reasons to give the Sole e25 elliptical a shot for your own exercising needs. It is one of the only affordable and feature-rich solutions to at-home workouts, and will ultimately save you a ton of money that would otherwise be spent on a gym membership or more expensive and less valuable exercising equipment. There is no need for either of those when you’ve made the decision to buy a Sole e25 elliptical trainer, as it offers all of the flexibility you need to keep fit.

Don’t get sucked into the monthly gym membership fee or the expensive competition. There is really no need to spend all of that money just to get into shape and to stay healthy and happy. Get the luxury of what a typically more expensive device has to offer with the Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Trainer.