On the onset of the winter season, there are a lot of fun activities to do if you have the right equipments. There are people who prefer skiing and snowboarding and there are those who do not. This should not be discouraging because there are lots of snow vehicles one can use to do outdoor fun activities during winter.

The most popular types of snow vehicles is the snow mobiles, which are purposely built to be used in both snow and ice thus, one can forgo rails and roads. There are various types of snow mobiles but, some perform better in some areas than the others such as, the difference between ridding in the deep snow and forest riding.

professional arctic cat snowmobile

The Snowmobiles – Specialized Vehicles

Snowmobiles belong to a larger group of snow vehicles that are all terrain snow vehicles. Because these vehicles are specialized, they have variety of uses ranging from, sightseeing rides, racing on vast and snowy fields, to riding in the deep snow and forest riding. You shouldn’t worry about the vehicles engine because unlike the normal vehicles, its engine is built purposely for harsh snow and cold conditions.

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

The arctic cat snowmobiles, are produced by the Thief River Falls. It has new brands; the F series and the new XF ProCrossers models suitable for both on trail and off-trail riding. Its greatest strength is its rear suspension which is superior to other types of snow vehicles.

Polaris Snowmobiles

It is a northern Minnesota made snowmobile. It is a mountain sled which weighs less than the most of the trail sleds. It is suitable for both on trail and off-trail terrain, which gives it a competitive edge over other snow vehicles due to its light weight, engine and essential performance. Its outside the-slide-rail shock setup ensures a smooth ride, but there is more competition from the stretch track models which are used both on trail and off-trail terrain. The new model of Polaris has a longer track which makes it more comfortable and has a tunable suspension. Polaris’ strong Cleanfire semi-direct engines give it power on the track. It is used mainly in the mountain segments though it also competes well against both Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat in the trail segments.

Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Ski-Doo manufactured by a Valcourt, Quebec snowmobile pioneer. It is used in both mountain and trail segments. The “t motion” suspension design is suitable for the mountain terrains while its MXZ series holds and edge in the in the vast trail terrain. The Ski-Doo uses the Rotax engine which provides it with the best power output, fuel economy and unswerving performance.

latest trend yamaha snowmobiles

Yamaha Snowmobiles

For this snow vehicle, power weight is an issue, thus to compensate this, its engines have added power. It is suitable mainly for mountain performance with turbo which makes it slightly more powerful than the Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Snow vehicles have allowed people to move effortlessly on snow and ice. It is a necessary vehicle during the winter season as it provides the main source of transportation as well as amusement to some extent.