Digital photo or video cameras have become one of the necessities of every household. These gadgets have greatly evolved that they are now incorporated with most handheld gadgets like cellular phones, PDAs, etc. Would you believe that the smallest video camera is just the size of a match box? But to achieve utmost functionality and quality, it is still necessary to have a separate camcorder unit. For individuals who are always on the go, a small video camera that can hastily be included in the pocket or purse is a must while traveling, at the office, or at times of leisure.

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Though they have been made more compact and light weight, functionalities were never compromised. It is worthy to note that the smaller brands and models recently launched are even more capable compared to the bulky, full sized camcorders. A small video camera can be so extremely light therefore eliminating tendencies of stress, pain, or tension in the shooter’s arms. Miniature but high-powered and quality lenses are embedded which are capable of filming high quality pictures for a couple of hours. Batteries used are also specifically designed to be compact yet powerful to support the unit for hours of continuous shooting.

Another advantage of preferring a small video camera is the ease of use or usage. Almost all functions and settings can be set with just a touch of a button. You are no longer required to mix and match lenses, hold additional lamps and artificial lights, and won’t be burdened to bring a tripod. A small Panasonic video camera is already capable of stabilizing images and to sense movement, or focus on a specific subject.

The smaller camcorders are essentially digital in nature, meaning bulky video tapes were already replaced by micro memory cards. The best small video camera makes it easier for all photos and videos taken to be transferred, copied, or viewed in a computer, DVD players, or the television. Old and conventional video tapes need some technical equipment just for the videos to be converted and saved in a video disk or DVD.

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Most camcorders have built-in LCD screens for instant viewing and replay, and, for added shooting control. LCDs in smaller cameras are protected especially for those that contain foldable screens that can be titled inward to cover up its surface.

Finally, a small video camera is a cheaper alternative compared to the professional and heavy duty camcorders, or the specialized prosumer types. Since these types of items can be easily replaced by a newer, most high-tech model, prices are very much prone to fluctuations or depreciation.