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Sliding Screen Door Repair and Maintenance Essentials | Content Injection

Sliding screen doors are great for helping to cool down a house or a garage when the weather is warm while still keeping the bugs outside where they belong. However, overtime, those sliding screen doors can become damaged. In some cases the screens themselves wear out. In other cases the door can become bent, or latches can simply wear out.

The Benefits of Having Sliding Screen Door

In some cases you may want to think about getting a sliding screen door replacement in other instances you may simply need one or two sliding screen door parts to repair your old door. Knowing when to get a replacement sliding screen door and when to simply get parts and make the repairs to current door can save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Guide on Selecting Sliding Screen Door Replacement

To Replace or To Repair

The first step in deciding if that sliding screen door needs to be replaced or repaired to take the time to look over the screen door thoroughly. It may be a broken latch that first gained your attention, and if that is all your door needs that a repair would be the most cost effective means of fixing the problem. However, if upon inspecting the door you find that there are major repairs necessary especially damage to the frame then purchasing a sliding screen door replacement may be the best the answer to solve your screen door problem.

How To Install Replacement Sliding Screen Door

On Repairing Sliding Screen Doors

  • Repairing a screen door may be a fairly easy process if you have the correct sliding screen door parts.
  • Since different companies make slightly different screen doors either know the company and the model number of the door to ensure that you get the right sliding screen door parts to make the repairs yourself or actually remove the parts that you need and take those parts in with you so that you can be sure the parts you buy are made for the screen door you have.
  • If you are having your door repaired by a professional then he will know what sliding screen door parts are needed once he looks at the door.
  • Make sure that you get an estimate of any repairs before actually hiring the job done.


Shop for Reliable Sliding Screen Door Parts

On Replacing Sliding Screen Doors

  • When purchasing a replacement screen door it is also necessary to make sure that the sliding screen door replacement is the same as the old door that is being replaced, or at least one that is compatible.
  • Again you want to make sure you have both the name of the company that made the door and the model number of the door to ensure that the replacement sliding screen door will fit the door frame and is the same as the old one in looks and style.

There are also sliding screen door kits that can be purchased allowing those who enjoy do it yourself projects to build their own door. Making sure that that screen door on your house or garage is in good condition and keeps the bugs and pollens out will increase the comfort of the home or garage for everyone concerned. Alsco, check out  beautiful glass doors and stylish exterior doors online.