Sleep paralysis is a fairly common condition which is characterized by partial or complete paralysis of muscles in a particular section in the human body. Just like every other ailment, sleep paralysis also has its corresponding symptoms, generally referred to as the sleep paralysis symptoms. These symptoms must be read and observed carefully before trying to come up with the conclusion that the individual is suffering from sleep paralysis.

The term sleep paralysis might sound a little scary but it’s not a serious medical problem. The general sleep paralysis symptoms are as follows:

  • A short lasting feeling of being unable to move when trying to wake up or falling asleep
  • A very itchy feel in the throat which causes choking
  • Hypnagogic hallucinations, which also lead to sleep paralysis
  • Feelings of levitation and weightlessness
  • Seeing shadows and imaginary creatures while trying to fall asleep
  • Heavy pressure in the mid-section or at the chest area
  • Hearing noises or smelling weird smells
  • Having terrorizing feelings

These are the most common signs of sleep paralysis. A person who experiences almost all of the above mentioned sleep paralysis symptoms is most likely positive of suffering from sleep paralysis. This attack can last for almost less than a couple of minutes; wherein after, the person begins to feel normal again as soon as the body and brain re-establish contact.

Sleep paralysis syndrome is something that the doctors and physicians all over the world have been studying for a long time. Any individual who tends to suffer from this syndrome exhibits the mentioned sleeping paralysis symptoms quite remarkably. These sleep paralysis symptoms have almost become universal and are independent of the type of people, the region they belong to, or even their medical history.

Sleep paralysis is almost like an epidemic these days with so many youngsters falling prey to it. New sleep paralysis symptoms are being observed and the list is fast growing. The cure for this disease does exist and people have nothing to be scared of. The medical research and brain mapping technology has empowered us to understand the human brain better which is the apex for almost every ailment that exists today.

People have to have a positive attitude even if they do suffer from sleeping paralysis. It must be known that having this disorder does not really connote that it is the end of a peaceful sleeping time for the sufferer. As far as the cure goes, with proper guidance and medication, all these sleep paralysis symptoms can be eradicated and the patient be completely cured of sleep paralysis.