The main difference between a regular bra and a sleep bra is the fact that the latter one lacks an underwire. Wearing a bra and falling asleep is very uncomfortable for most women. That is the reason why women prefer sleeping without a bra. While there has been controversy about whether wearing a bra is important during sleeping or not, the need for the invention of sleep support bra became a must. This especially comes handy for those who find it very uncomfortable but at the same time don’t like the idea of sleeping without a bra.


Benefits of Using Sleep Bra

There are many benefits of the sleep bra, which are the reasons why it is a must have for all women.

  • Women who have larger breasts find it very problematic to sleep comfortably in a regular bra. A proper sleep position in which you can drift off is a must for everyone and finding that position can be tough unless you are wearing something comfortable. Sleeping on your stomach can cause you a lot of pain whilst sleeping on your back can stress you because your breasts have the tendency to drop at the sides. Using a sleep bra will easily solve this problem and provide more support.
  • A number of reasons can cause your breasts to pain. Menstrual cycles and hormonal changes, large breast size and pregnancy are only a few reasons. To alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by all these reasons, you can wear a sleep bra. For pregnant women, there is a special sleep maternity bra to give more comfort during the nine hectic months. After pregnancy, you can wear the sleep nursing bra that it is not only comfortable but also makes it very easy for you to nurse your baby during the night time.

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  • If you have had any kind of breast surgery such as augmentation, reduction or reconstructive surgery, you will need to be very careful for a long period of time. During your recovery period, it will be a must to wear a sleep bra so that you can sleep well as well as aid the recovery process.
  • As aforementioned, not many women like the idea of sleeping without a bra. This can especially pose a problem for women who live in dormitories or apartments with others wherein privacy during the night is not guaranteed. For such women, a sleep bra is a boon.

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Because of all these benefits, sleep bra apparel has become very popular today. You have many options like bra extender to further enhance a sleep bra’s comfort. Remember to stick to good brands so that you get the best. Don’t deprive yourself any longer with the comfort that a sleep bra offers.

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