Ties are meant to present a modern and corporate look. Having an ample collection of the various styles of ties will allow you to pair it up with different suits and occasions. The wardrobe of most people, most especially the young ones, are incomplete without the skinny ties. These ties are the modern ties. They are skinny because they usually have a width of about 2 inches. This type of tie is fashionable and creates an illusion that makes the wearer taller. They are known for their chic and elegant look.

 wearing skinny ties guide

How to Wear Skinny Ties Fashionably

  • Skinny ties can be found in different silk shades. These silk ties are comfortable and presentable once paired up with any type of attire.
  • These ties come in a wide range of colors that includes black skinny ties and white ties among other colors.
  • There are also skinny ties with vintage designs that have a classy look once worn.
  • Wear skinny ties with a shirt that has a thin collar to achieve a stylish look. These ties will not work with a full size neck.
  • If you love going to parties, ensure you bring out your youthfulness by wearing these skinny ties. Pair these tie with a vest and shirt with rolled up sleeves so that you will become the center of attraction.
  • Skinny ties can be worn both by men and women.
  • These ties works best with slender bodies but these can be worn by any body type.
  • A skinny tie with a bright and bold color will look best with a black polo or shirt if you are planning not to wear any jacket or suit.
  • If you are wearing a colored shirt (aside from black), the skinny tie should be darker than the shirt.
  • Skinny zipper ties are unique ties that come in a permanent knot and contain a zipper mechanism in them. These types of ties are among the widely used skinny ties for men.

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Below are some tips in order to get cheap skinny ties.

  • First you need to visit a store that specializes with these types of ties.
  • Select the tie that fits you properly and record the details.
  • Once you get the entire detail, go online and search for the tie that will perfectly fit your requirement. Sites like eBay and Amazon will help you get ties at reduced and discounted rates.
  • If you are not able to find cheaper types online, you can compare different stores prices to ensure that you get good, quality skinny ties that will ensure you several years of service.

Whether young or old, skinny ties will make you look chic and fashionable!