Having good nails is all in the power of an individual. Gone are the days when people surrendered to having bad nails claiming that they are naturally bad. Beauticians have today proven that it is the care you give to your nails that determine whether they will remain good or not. Many people use the nails as a yardstick to determine ones personality. For the ladies particularly, nails play very important roles in an individual’s overall beauty thus taking care of nails is very important.

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Tips for Proper Care of Nails

Unlike what many people think, taking care of nails is not difficult. The ability to have good nails is in every person provided there is willingness and determination. The following are some of the simple ways on how to take care of nails:

  • Watching your diet – what you take in terms of food is what you get. A balanced diet is very necessary for healthy nails.
  • Wearing gloves – it is important to wear protective covering on the hands while performing duties that could harm the nail. These activities include gardening and doing the dishes.
  • Avoiding activities that could lead to the breakage of nails – it is advised that tools are used instead of nails when opening cans or removing items like pins and staplers.
  • Cutting nails straight across – this makes nails look lovely.
  • Reducing the rate of getting manicures – frequent manicure weakens the nails.
  • Moisturising them – this is done by applying hand lotion very frequently.

Nail Care Home Remedies

In a bid to taking care of nails today, there are a variety of home remedies that individuals, particularly ladies are using today. Some of these home remedies include:

  • Soaking hands in Listerine – as weird as it sounds, Listerine is actually quite good for the nails. As a disinfectant, it is able to disinfect nails making them healthy and at the same time reduces chances of infection.
  • Soaking hands in vinegar – this is a very good practise since it makes ones cuticle loose and thus easy to peel off. This is important for healthy nails.
  • Constantly applying nail hardener to add on to the natural hardness of nails to prevent breakage.

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Orly nail polish is one of the readily available quality brands of nail polish that is recommended for use in taking care of nails. This brand produces a wide variety of brightly colored nail polish making it quite handy since it is difficult for one not to find a preferred color in their selection. It is very important for people to take care of their nails to maintain their health and appearance.