Mirrors are and have been one of the essential commodities in human life with respect to their basic usage and aesthetic needs. A Venetian mirror is a mirror with great artistic look and it all developed in Italy, in the city of Venice during the late 16th century. Due to the techniques and highly skilled artwork involved in that era Venetian mirrors gained popularity among everyone. Apart from making the premises beautiful and elegant, it provides a touch of royal ambience; hence they are a bit expensive.

ornate venetian mirror

Popular Styles

These mirrors though have variety of styles available still some of the basic yet popular styles are given below:

  • Basic rectangle: This is one of the basic styles of Venetian mirrors popular among the masses around the globe. Diamond studded mirrors are most popular in this styles. Diamonds are attached to the edges giving it a simple and royal look.
  • Circular shaped: Some mirrors are shaped in oval or circular, which gives space to provide some decorative artwork around the mirror. Metals finished aesthetic mirrors are popular in this category.
  • Long and colored: This style is one of the modern styles evolved with time. Different colors are used to give mirrors modernized look with a feel of art in it.
  • Customized: Customers are nowadays flexible enough to provide their own ideas to make these mirrors with different combinations of color, size and shape. In this we can include antique mirrors, which can be customized in our own way like brushed nickel mirror.

Decoration Ideas

Decorating a room using Venetian mirrors is easy to understand depending on which room the decoration is to be done. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a room using these mirrors:

  • Decorating the Drawing room: The most visited room by you, your family or most importantly your guests is the drawing room hence decorating it with long and artistic  mirror can be useful. Even furniture, which uses mirrors, can be one good option. If your drawing room is huge, use 2-3 mirrors of different styles and shapes to make it look royal and elegant enough for anyone to like it and adore it.
  • Decorating the Bedroom: Bedrooms can be decorated with small and highly artistic mirrors, which can be customized as per the person living in that room. Romantic mirrors can be a good option depending on the color options, which trigger the likeness of the customer for Venetian mirrors.
  • Decoration the Bathroom: Here, much small yet important furniture can be used to integrate with any style of a Venetian mirror. Only one thing to keep in mind, the artwork of these mirrors should be simple and beautiful.
  • Decorating the Kitchen: Different kinds of mirrors can be used in furniture to make it look royal and aesthetic.

classy venetian mirror

Popular Distributors

Many distributors provide all styles and types of mirrors depending on the customer needs and budget. The basic way to distribute these mirrors is selling the style over the internet; still popular distributors are available for these kinds of mirrors:

  • The Chandelier Mirror Company
  • Venetian Macao Company
  • Home Accessory Limited
  • Italian Venetian Mirrors
  • VenexiArt.

Therefore Venetian Mirrors have a great demand all around the globe because of its great artistic and adorable look and moment of feeling royal with beautiful surroundings all around the house or workplace.