If you are like most people, you must have lived your life believing that all you need to dry yourself after a warm or cold shower is a plain towel, and a shower wrap is just a surplus. Wait until you discover how a shower wrap can make you feel luxurious even if you are just taking regular showers in the same bathroom. Why feel like a lesser mortal wearing a towel after a bath when you can feel grand and live the same life enjoyed by the rich and the famous who live in the finest hotels? More importantly, you do not need to amass a huge amount of money to experience this thrill. All you actually need is a shower wrap.

textured sleeveless terry shower wrap

There are various kinds of wraps you can use after a relaxing shower. A shower wrap for women is already being used by spas and other health shops. Even resorts are investing in quality shower wraps to make their guests feel luxurious at an affordable rate. But then again, why spend money in a hotel or a spa just to get that luxurious experience, when you can invest in a cheap shower wrap with straps? Women love the way shower wrap with straps provide comfort for them after a shower, while providing enough coverage for their bodies. While ordinary towels can easily get loose and fall down exposing your private parts, a shower wrap will guarantee protection and comfort. With its innovation, there is no more need to tie your towel around your body again and again.

strapless shower wrap baby terry for women

Men who want to feel the same comfort and luxury should not feel slighted though, because there are also shower wraps for men. Shower wraps come in different materials, sizes and colors, so it is easy to choose one which will fit you no matter what your body size and color preferences are. You can be the perfect host, too, by providing spare shower wraps for your house guests. You can only imagine the looks on their faces when they see that you have taken extra effort to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your home.

red striped fleece fabric shower wrap

Types of Shower Wraps

These comfortable after-shower garments come in different types based on the fabric used. The best shower wraps, whether you intend to buy wraps for men or a shower wrap for women, are those made of high-quality material, such as:

  • Absorbent Cotton – A shower towel wrap made of microfiber and absorbent cotton are highly coveted by those who want life’s little luxuries. These shower wraps are not only reasonably priced but they are also durable and can withstand wear and tear. It is not surprising that luxurious hotels and spas go for absorbent cotton towel wraps, considering that they are more cost effective than the cheaper ones.
  • Cotton Terry – Most women who choose a shower wrap with straps usually go for those made of 100% cotton-looped material. Shower wraps made of this material are very absorbent so they are the best alternative for ordinary towels. The soft material also increases the comfort level of the wearer.

delight multi colors shower wrap

Take note that the best shower wraps are those that are held together by a waistband Velcro for maximum protection and coverage. There are also other materials you can choose from such as coral fleece, but the ultimate choice is up to you.

A shower wrap is not just for luxury but it also provides the wearer the most needed coverage when coming out of the bathroom or when lounging around the swimming pool. Shower wraps can also be bought with extra features such as patch pockets or adjustable closures, or even personalized with monogram embroideries. Whatever you choose, a shower wrap will always ensure you of maximum support and utmost comfort that you truly deserve.