There are a number of brands in the socks industry and many of them are doing their jobs finely. The socks’ quality is high with very good type of material used in making them. Some brands also add features on their products to give shoppers more options. The idea of buying socks may sound simple, but it surely needs a lot of effort to pick up something that is actually best for your feet.

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4 Brands of Popular Socks

  • The Wigwam Socks: The main aim of Wigwam socks is to provide high quality socks as its motto says just for you. This was a family business, which started in the 1905, and since then they are in this market. The company has built certain quality standards and has maintained them throughout as settled in Washington Dc. They make all types of socks both for males and females in various sizes and for various age groups. This company is truly an environmental friendly company. The wool for the socks is absolutely pure and is from the finest farms of America.
  • Jockey: Jockey is mostly popular among men products like vests, under wears and other garments. One of their specialties is socks and that is why they stand in the list of popular brands for socks. The socks quality is very high made from mostly cotton or synthetic material and is usually designed for the sports purposes. They make customized socks on rare basis but still have managed to prove their name in this segment also.
  • Wright Socks: One of the other famous companies is the Wright Sock. They are in the business for a long time and also make a variety of socks. They offer their specialty in the single-layered and double-layered socks. They have different varieties for different purposes. They have different variety for running socks, different for casual wear and all.
  • Gold Toe: Then, last is the company Gold Toe, which also make socks with the perfect fitting and pure cotton like No Show socks. They have actually specialized in the production and are a purely sock company like the Wigwam socks and Wright Sock. They are also offering discounts currently online on their products.

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Helpful Tips when Buying Socks

When you are buying from one of these brands of popular socks, keep in mind the reason for buying and when you plan to wear them. Choose the sock quality and material carefully and should also look upon the designs which can go with your clothes.