To complete an outfit or wardrobe, the best and the perfectly fit pair of shoes is a must. Fondness of shoes does not only revolve around the ladies and the adults, but men and children are equally elaborate on footwear as well. Shoe size is a one of the key factors when you buy these kinds of footwear, therefore it is ideal for you to have a shoe size guide. Such guide may or may not be too formal or numerically detailed.

ways to find a perfecy shoe size

At one instant, you are already familiar with your feet size and that of your child’s, in such case, you will only be having a nominal shoe size guide at the back of your mind. Perhaps, you may base your decision on the sizes from your last purchase. But things may be different or a little more complicated when buying pair of shoes that were imported or produced abroad, let’s say, coming from Italy, then you will need a specific European shoe size guide.

There are a lot of advantages in using an appropriate guide to arrive at the perfect fit. A well chosen pair can serve its purpose; improve the posture of the wearer, make him or her look confident and comfortable, keep his or her feet healthy and free from harm, and even project height when using heels. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge on the proper choice of shoes and the absence of a reliable shoe size guide may eventually cause problems and complications like; the hazards of acquiring back pains, sprains especially on the lower legs, knees, and on the neighboring joints, possible growth of corns and calluses, and the fact that you couldn’t walk straight comfortable and smiling.

Athletes, campers, and backpackers have also their own set of rules and guidelines to follow when choosing the perfect pair of shoes and their measurement. Part of it is the grip, girth, or the shoe size guide width. Such precise requirements has been prescribed primarily for safety while they are engaged in sports, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, mountaineering, and all other extreme physical activities.

accurate guide to find your own shoe size

Aside from numbers, another valuable addition to your shoe size guide is the potential changes that may possibly occur in you or your family member’s feet. For example, the natural process of aging; babies have tiny feet but is expected to grow rapidly that you need to make some adjustments in your kids shoe size guide. Your footwear size may also be influenced by a potential gain or loss of weight. As people grow older, physiologically, muscles also tend to shrink. But whatever factor it may be, there are still a lot of guides capable of helping you to arrive at the perfect fit.