When you have accidentally purchased a pair of shoes that are too small or too large, it would definitely translate to waste of money more especially the time required for you to get them replaced or obtain a refund. As much as possible we want a perfect fit when it comes to the shoes, clogs, sandals, boots, and all other footwear that we purchase. Though these can simply be avoided by going directly to the shoe store and test fit each pair prior to purchase, there are still instances that you could only rely on chances and hopes of a good quality and sized pair like when ordering abroad or buying imported ones, hence, you will need a shoe size converter.

ways to easy convert shoe sizes

The guiding measurement in the production and sale of shoes is their corresponding length or size oftentimes expressed in inches or centimeters. A lot of manufacturers have standardized such measurements but there is still extent of variation primarily observed per region or continent. A pair of shoes sized 6 in the United States may not exactly be the same 6 in France or in China. Due to this reason, a corresponding shoe size converter is required to be your basis when choosing a particular pair coming from abroad. It is also observed that the shoe measuring system for men’s footwear is distinct from that of the women’s.

easy guide converting shoe sizes

To give you an idea of the international shoe size converter used for the main shoe exporters like the US, Europe, and Asia, here are some few details:

  • United States and the United Kingdom. The US and the UK are using the same principle when it comes to shoe production measurements. Shoe sizes are measured in inches; succeeding increments in sizes are effected after each 0.33 inch interval. The only difference lies on the starting point of measurement, for the US, shoe sizes start at size 1 whereas in the UK, it starts at 0. With this in mind, you should always bear in mind that when you buy a pair of footwear coming the UK, a simple shoe size converter is merely the subtraction of 1 inch.
  • United States and the rest of Europe. The European shoe size converter is a little odder. It is basically based on the Paris point shoe measurement system where increments are usually measured at 2/3 of a centimeter. It is oftentimes very had to have an exact equivalent to the US/UK system since an increment in the US/UK measurement would translate to somewhere between 1 to 1 ½ for the European.
  • Finally, we have the Asian shoe size converter. Chinese shoe size converter are also based on the European system. For the Japanese, measurements are in centimeters. The Koreans are more precise since they are using the millimeter lengths.