Shingles is a serious disease that requires immediate attention and needs to be treated in its initial stages. Always make sure that you get yourself proper shingles treatment from an expert to avoid any kind of risk. It is important that you diagnose it in its initial stages and start your shingles treatment as soon as possible. The choice of shingles treatment is up to you and you can either go for the home remedies or consult a doctor to get his expert advice. The doctor would preferably prescribe you antiviral medicines, which are found to be helpful in reducing the pain and their duration.

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So how do you diagnose this disease as soon as it strikes you? The only thing to do is to get immediate medical attention whenever you are sick as only a doctor would be able to recognize them in their initial stages. Even if treatment is delayed by 1 or 2 days, it will be fine but above that, you would be seriously risking your health. It is the pain produced that is intolerable and only with proper shingles treatment could you suppress the pain.

Conversely, if you are confident, then you can opt for shingles treatment at home where the pattern of treatment is completely different. For instance, an affected individual will be using ice pack or preferably a wet cloth, which will be used as a medium to numb the area where he has excess pain. One thing that you need to be careful about is that the infected area needs to be thoroughly cleaned before doing this process. This is just one among the many shingles natural treatment. There is also the use of calamine lotion, which offers a quite famous shingles treatment and seems to be highly effective in easing the pain as well as getting rid of any kind of itching tendencies. Another healthy natural method would be to eat pears, which seem to contain components of antiviral nature.

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Unlike the medical shingles treatment, the natural ways usually do not include the intake of many medicines but only involves the treatment of shingles over the skin by applying various combinations. Use of lysine seems to be a quick method of treating the disease because of its higher content of anti-viral amino acid and the best and the most popular source of this fine treatment is spinach, peas and soya beans.