Whether the climate is elevated in moderate temperatures or is submerged the heart of sub zero negatives, Shearling coats have an undeniable appeal and comfort. Shearling coats are made for men and women ideal for both business settings to casual places, the runways of aviation and fashion. The interior is made from young sheepskin, providing flexibility and warmth. The exterior is usually the material of leather, or the fur itself. The jackets provide the warmth of a large coat without feeling heavy; they bestow the style of a light coat without being empty. Its insular qualities make your upper body quite comfortable, especially in frigid temperatures. Indeed Shearling coats are an incredible piece of clothing to own and here’s why.

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Shearling coats look quite dashing on men, especially if it fits them perfectly. Designer Shearling coats aren’t hard to come by and are pretty stylish. Here are the three, quintessential types of Shearling coats for men and women.

• The Bomber Jacket
• The Duffel Coat
• The Car Coat

The bomber jacket is the perfect embodiment of all Shearling coats: they are warm, have style, and are incredibly practical. They were created for the aviators of World War II whose cockpits weren’t fully encased. As the cockpits weren’t closed, the wind must have been like a frigid bludgeon. So, the bomber jacket— with its warm Shearling, hugging collars, efficient zippers, and snug cuffs— did its job quite well for aviation pilots. Bomber jackets are still being worn today, with contemporary improvements. Whether they are worn by men or women, they still carry the same war-storied allure of past, the symbolic example of noble bravery and adventure. The duffel coat, on the other hand, is one of the Shearling coats whose origin is from Europe— Duffel is a Town in Belgium. The car coat, like the bomber jacket, places its usefulness on the same plateau of style. Shearling’s car coats are worn, as the name suggests, when driving.

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Those styles above are typically worn by both men and women. Shearling coats for men are usually larger, and will have more breathing room. Shearling coats for women will not be as large; however, they will still impart excellent insulations. If you plan on buying designer Shearling coats, be aware that they can be quite steep which can cost around a couple of hundreds-thousands of dollars. However, the quality is invaluable. If your budget dictates that you cannot buy a coat of that price, look for something cheaper that is adequately made. If you search hard enough, you will be rewarded.