If you were to go to a beach, you won’t like to hang around with hairy legs. Shaving is one of the most primitive, yet efficient, cheapest and most effective method to remove unwanted hair even today. Contrary to men, women tend to have softer and more subtle hair, which is easier to cut but at the same time, they also have much softer skin as compared to men. This makes them vulnerable to cuts and ugly rashes. Women specially need to take care while shaving. In order to avoid skin problems, they should always follow important shaving tips for legs.

Shaving Tips For Legs

  • Exfoliate your skin

Use a good scrub and apply it carefully and evenly over your legs and gently massage it all over. This will exfoliate your skin and remove all dead cells. Removing dead cells is important because dead cells are the main cause of ingrown hair.

Shaving tips for legs

  • Wet your legs

This is probably the most important part of shaving tips for legs. It is extremely important to wet your legs before you start shaving. It is always advisable to wet them with warm water. What warm water does is, it opens up the pores that hold the hair follicles and also makes the hair softer. Gently rubbing your legs helps soften the hair further. You can wrap a towel soaked in warm water around your legs for this purpose. Remember to leave it for a few minutes before you start.

  • Apply shaving cream

A shaving cream aids in the smooth movement of the razor blades over the skin. The function of the shaving cream is to hold the hair straight up so that the blades can cut them properly. It is recommended to invest in a good shaving cream. You should not be confused and carried away by the special shaving creams for women. Remember that all shaving cream basically contain the same thing. However, if you want, you can go for an aloe vera-based shaving cream as it helps moisturize the skin.

  • Invest in a good razor

Now, the razor is the most important part of the shaving procedure and here you need to take care. Anything less than the best would prove to be painful and would finally lead to shaving bumps, cuts and nicks. You need to give special attention as to which kind of razor suits you best. It is recommended for you to go for a double or a triple blade razor. Razors with rotating heads are even better because they can adjust to the contours of the legs and give a perfect close shave. Never use a dull razor because that would lead to nicks and bumps. The dull blades don’t cut the hair easily, but instead pull the hair, which irritates the hair follicle and forms a bump.

how to avoid shaving bumps

  • Shave against the grain

When you move your hand on the surface of the legs, you can feel the direction for growth of hair. You need to shave in the opposite direction in order to get the closest shave. Now, here you need to be very careful. Don’t apply too much pressure, a slight pressure is enough, provided that you have a sharp razor and have followed the above mentioned shaving tips for legs. Two or three strokes should do the trick for you.

  • Moisturize your legs

When you have finished shaving you legs, apply a good water based moisturizer. Shaving exfoliates the skin and in order to avoid flaking of skin or dry skin, you need to moisturize it properly.

Now, after having followed the abovementioned shaving tips for legs, you’re ready to head to the beach and flaunt your beautiful smooth legs.